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Summer 2024 RecConnect Classes

Registration starts May 6 for Parks, Recreation & Marine Recreation classes offered from June through August 2024.

Classes will be offered for ages preschool to 50 years and older, and include a variety of physical, intellectual, and fun interests. Registration for all classes begins on May 6.

Fill in your information, then click submit (or click submit and add a family member to register more people at the same address)

Register in person by bringing the completed form and payment to the PRM Registration Office at 2760 Studebaker Road in El Dorado Park West. Hours are Monday-Friday 8 a.m.- 5 p.m. For more information call (562) 570- 3111.

In-Person appointments are available at Park, Recreation, and Marine Administration Office Monday - Friday 8 - 5 p.m. The last appointment slot is 4 p.m. Appointment

Details regarding class fees, descriptions, and instructions, and locations will be available upon registration. Summer recreation classes that will be offered are included in the links below.

Registration for Summer classes begins May 6.

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Adults 50+ 






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Summer 2024 Rec Guide Classes (Full Version)

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