Long Beach Parks, Recreation and Marine Fitness Zones are free, easy-to-use outdoor gyms, as well as walking paths and exercise instruction stations in several Long Beach parks.

  • Avoid expensive gym memberships
  • Enjoy the outdoors
  • Exercise as a family or with friends in a safe, fun environment

Admiral Kidd Park Life Trail


2125 Santa Fe Avenue

With the idea that "play has no age," paved paths runs throughout the park with several stops where exercisers can do posted fitness activities or use stationary exercise equipment. These activities are appropriate for all fitness levels.

Bixby Fitness Loop

The fitness loop opened on September 5, 2015 and is located near Junipero Avenue and Ocean Boulevard. The area includes a walking path with distance markers that connect six stations with fitness equipment.


The new Fitness Loop at Cesar A. Chavez Park opened on April 2, 2016 and is located in an approximate 960 square foot area between the park’s tot lot, restrooms and picnic benches in the section of the park north of 5th Street. The loop features six separate pieces of self-use exercise equipment, including three pieces that are ADA accessible, designed to allow users the opportunity to engage in healthy physical activity free of charge.

Coolidge Park Fitness Zone

352 E. Neece Street

Enjoy this equipment funded by a Kaiser Permanente HEAL Zone grant administered by Long Beach Health and Human Services and the Coalition for a Healthy North Long Beach.
The Zone is close proximity to playground for child supervision.

Downtown Fitness Loop

The Downtown Fitness Loop is a 4.8-mile walking/running path bordered by Alamitos Avenue, East Shoreline Drive, Aquarium Road, West Shoreline Drive and Ocean Blvd. The loop has distance markers that connect fitness equipment stations, allowing exercisers to develop a routine suited for their fitness level.

Throughout the path, five active stations such as pull-up/dip bars, and six passive stations such as balance stretch, squats will be positioned. The fitness loop will complement the Beach Pedestrian Path and the nearby Bixby Fitness Loop.

14th Street Park Fitness Zone14thEquipment

14th Street between Locust and Palmer Court

  • Leg press
  • Lower body exercise
  • Stand up pendulum for abdominal exercise
  • Cross country ski machine
  • Press and pull apparatus for upper body exercise
  • Paved path for circuit training.
  • Vertical press for legs and arms
  • Pull down lifts for back muscles
  • Chest press
  • Accessible for persons with disabilities.

Houghton Park Fitness Loop

6301 Myrtle Avenue

This Loop is a project of the North Long Beach HEAL Zone Initiative through a partnership between the Long Beach Health & Human Services and Long Beach Parks, Recreation and Marine to increase physical activity in the community.
The half-mile Fitness Loop has bi-lingual signs with fitness activity instructions and a QR code linking to an fitness instructional video from the California Department of Public Health's Network for a Healthy California that can be scanned from mobile devices.

Lincoln Park Fitness Equipment

Location: 101 Pacific Avenue
Hours: Dawn to dusk, daily

A variety of ADA accessible outdoor fitness equipment is positioned throughout Lincoln Park that can work all body groups.

OrizabaPath_1Orizaba Park Fitness Zone

Orizaba and Spaulding.

One of the parks most popular features is the sets of exercise equipment that are positioned along a walking path. One area focuses on balance, chest and back; another has equipment for cardio and plyometrics (jumping); another is for lower body and ADA accessible pull ups; and there is a set of equipment for upper body and abdominal muscles.