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Golf Advisory Committee

The City of Long Beach Department of Parks, Recreation and Marine Golf Advisory Committee was approved by the Long Beach City Council in 2012 to act in an advisory capacity to the Department on matters concerning the operation and maintenance of City-owned golf courses. Express duties of the Golf Advisory Committee include advising the Director of the Department of Parks, Recreation and Marine (PRM) on the subjects of:

  • Adoption of various policies and procedures for the City’s golf operation;
  • Modifications to the City’s Golf Operations Manual;
  • Changes to City golf course rates and fees;
  • Adoption and implementation of capital improvement projects on golf courses;
  • Information relating to trends and issues in the golf industry;
  • Other tasks or assignments as requested by the Director that fulfill the purpose of the Committee as defined in the Golf Advisory Committee By-Laws

Golf Advisory Committee Meetings

The Committee meets quarterly in February, May, August, and November at the Parks, Recreation and Marine Administration Building at 2760 Studebaker Road in Long Beach. **Until further notice, all meetings are held virtually. Teleconference details are posted in the agenda. Meetings are scheduled to begin at 3:30pm, unless otherwise noted.

2021 Golf Advisory Committee Meetings: February 11, May 6, August 12, and November 4
Golf Advisory Committee Meeting agendas are available in Legistar.

Golf Advisory Committee Selection

On a recurrent basis, applications for the Golf Advisory Committee are solicited from the various Men’s and Women’s Clubs, as well as from other community members, to ensure the Committee contains individuals from a broad range of backgrounds and interests. The Director of Parks, Recreation and Marine then appoints nine people from this pool to a two-year term on the volunteer Committee. Committee members can serve for a maximum of four terms in succession.

If you are interested in being considered for a two-year appointment to this Committee, please complete the Golf Advisory Committee Application.

The Committee also has several Subcommittees, including Fees and Charges, Maintenance and Environmental Best Practices, Capital Improvements, and Policies and Procedures. 
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Golf Advisory Committee (L to R): Phil Barlow, Terry Thrift, Jack Rosenberg, Cynthia Camp, Sheldon Sommer, Stan Olin, Larry Rice, Gary Johnson, Craig Kessler
Not pictured: Martina Yun