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Hall of Fame - General Info

In 1996, the City of Long Beach, through its Department of Parks, Recreation and Marine created the Long Beach Golf Hall of Fame.  The Hall was created to recognize members of the Long Beach community who “left their mark” on golf in the City of Long Beach. Inductees can be players, coaches, administrators, volunteers, or individuals who offered financial support to the game.  The inductees do not have to be residents of Long Beach, but must have some tie to the City.

City of Long Beach Golf Hall of Fame Inductees

1996 Marlene Bauer-Hagge, Bev Brines, Jane Burnsed, Tom Crosby, Paul Goydos, Betty Hicks, Ad Jones, George Lake, Frank Newell, Jr., Millie Stanley, Del Walker, & Marty Walker (View Bios)
1997 Laura Baugh, Sue Ewart, Marge Ferrie, & Mark O’Meara (View Bios)
1998 Ralph Cryder, Doug Ives, Len Kennett, Chris Neal (View Bios)
1999 Alice Bauer, John Clock, Harlan “Pinky” Stevenson (View Bios)
2000 Harriet Glanville, Ruth Miller, & Joe Robinson (View Bios)
2001 Tom Frost, Dan Gooch, Bob Livingstone, & Jamie Mulligan (View Bios)
2002 Roland Davis, B.K. Jones, Les Padfield, & Eldrick “Tiger” Woods (View Bios)
2003 Roger Cleveland, Monty Blodgett, Shirley Johnston, & Wilbur “Bud” Lorbeer (View Bios)
2004 Mike Krantz, Mike Miles, & Kemp Richardson (View Bios)
2005 Gordon Olson and Pearl Sinn-Bonanni (View Bios)
2006 Don Knabe, John Richardson, Bob San Jose, & Lisa Georgeson (View Bios)
2007 Rudy Duran, John Mansell, & Gwenn Hibbs (View Bios)
2008 Craig Kessler, Jeff Manson, Terry Small (View Bios)
2009 John Mallinger, John Merrick, Peter Tomasulo (View Bios)
2010 Bob Chaffee, James Oh, Ted Richards (View Bios)
2011 Steve Cook, Kathy Eaton, John Tate (View Bios)
2012 Trevor Baker, Dave Stanley (View Bios)
2013 Robin Bellamy, John McCann, Dennis Wright, PGA (View Bios)
2014 Greg Hetzer, Phil Kessler (View Bios)
2015 Richard "Dick" Linares, Walt Willows (View Bios)
2016 Briana Do, Joe Grohman and Gary Wishon (View Bios)
2017 Larry Grant, Mike McMonegal (View Bios)
2018 Patrick Cantlay, Philip Barlow (View Bios)
EMERITUS Ernest F. “Ernie” Combs, Irving Cooper, Connie Freeze-Westover, Ann Wallace-Hedley, Henrietta Holden, Joe Nichols, Walter “Boots” Porterfield