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Request a Disabled Parking Zone

Any person who has been issued a special identification license plate pursuant to Vehicle Code section 5007 or a distinguishing placard pursuant to Vehicle Code section 22511.55 or 22511.59 may submit an application to the City for the designation of an on street parking space as a parking space reserved for disabled persons.

Disabled Parking Zone Application

Section 10.34.025 of the Long Beach Municipal Code requires that a disabled zone applicant certify that no existing on street or off street parking space meets his or her parking needs. Section 4 of the application provides an opportunity for you to make such a certification by explaining why available parking near your home is not adequate.

Applications without a reasonable explanastion or certification will be denied. Disabled zones installed on public property upon approval of an application, are not reserved for the applicant. Any motorist who displays a valid disabled parking placard or appropriate disabled person license plate may park in any disabled parking space on public property.

You may forward the completed application to our office by any convenient means, such as mail, fax at (562) 570-7161, or hand delivery. Although the City strives to install disabled parking zones in a timely manner, the physical installation of such zones may be delayed from time to time due to other urgencies. If you would like to check on the status of your request, please call (562) 570-6331.