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About the LBPD

The Long Beach Police Department is dedicated to professional, proactive, and innovative policing and is committed to building strong relations with the diverse Long Beach community. As the second largest municipal police agency in Los Angeles County, LBPD provides law enforcement services to the 7th largest city in the state of California.

Core services provided by the Long Beach Police Department are 24/7 response to emergencies and calls for service as well as criminal investigations to bring justice to the victims of crime. In addition, the LBPD provides contract services to the Port of Long Beach, Long Beach Airport, Long Beach Transit, Los Angeles Metro, and Long Beach City College. The LBPD is proud to partner with community organizations to provide wraparound services to the victims of traumatic incidents and crime, persons experiencing homelessness, and persons experiencing mental crisis.

Key priorities for the Long Beach Police Department include enhancing public safety efforts by focusing on crime, homelessness, employee and community wellness, and communication, which includes accountability, transparency, trust, and legitimacy.

LBPD Vision and Mission

Principles of Law Enforcement
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LBPD Year in Review

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Police Chief Wally Hebeish

Chief of Police
Deputy Chief Gerardo Prieto Patrol Bureau Deputy Chief Email 
Deputy Chief Megan Zabel Support Bureau Deputy Chief Email 
Deputy Chief Donald Mauk Investigations Bureau Deputy Chief Email
Deputy Chief Ty Burford Collaborative Response & Engagement Bureau Deputy Chief Email
Bureau Manager Julissa Jose-Murray Business Operations Bureau Chief Email
Bureau Manager Ruby Marin-Jordan Strategic Initiatives Bureau Chief Email
Commander Mike Solomita Chief of Staff - Office of the Chief of Police Email
Commander Ryan LeBaron Professional Standards Division Commander Email
Commander Stephanie Hall South Patrol Division Commander Email
Commander Michael Richens East Patrol Division Commander Email
Commander Paul Gallo North Patrol Division Commander Email
Commander Scott Jenson West Patrol Division Commander Email
Commander Shaleana Benson Community Outreach, Response, & Enforcement Division Commander Email
Commander Lee DeBrabander Detectives Division Commander Email
Commander Michael Pennino Special Investigations Division Commander Email
Commander Greg Brown Training Division Commander Email
Commander Darren Lance Port Police Division Commander Email
Commander Brian McPhail Security Services Division Commander Email
Administrator Cynthia Zarate Information Management Administrator Email
Administrator Gladys Hansen-Guerra Community Engagement Administrator Email
Administrator Glen Spencer Forensic Services Administrator Email
Administrator Leslie Bruce Finance Administrator Email
Administrator Elsa Ramos Personnel Administrator Email
Administrator Reid Branche-Wilson Office of Constitutional Policing Administrator
Administrator Tom Leary Public Records Compliance Administrator  Email
Administrator Jami Kerr Wellness Administrator Email

Executive Communications Officer Allison Gallagher

Communications Division Administrator Email

Administrator Jessica Villalobos

Contracts and Grants Administrator  Email