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The Airport Security Detail is responsible for the safety and security of all those traveling through the Long Beach Airport. They also maintain the integrity of the perimeter of the airport and service all airport tenants. Officers patrol 1,166 acres of airfield and adjacent property that surrounds the airport. They are always on the lookout for criminal activity and ready to respond to any disturbance at or near the airport. They investigate all criminal activity at the airport and ensure the safety of the traveling public. 

For more information call the Long Beach Airport Security Dispatch at (562) 570-2640 

Additional Contact Numbers: 

Security & Safety Manager Drew Schneider - (562) 570-2634

Airport Security Sergeant - (562) 570-2657 or (562) 570-2627

Most frequently asked question: 

Q: Can I take ________ on the plane?

A: Check the TSA website at www.TSA.gov and look under "For Travelers" or call your airline if you need more specific information.


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