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Security Services Division

Long Beach City College

The Long Beach Police Department provides police services to the Long Beach Community College District at the Liberal Arts Campus (LAC) and the Pacific Coast Campus (PCC). Its City College Section is committed to public safety through partnerships with all campus stakeholders. A lieutenant, police officers, and security officers are responsible for campus law enforcement, security, safety escorts, and emergency response. 

LBCC Staff  

Airport Security Unit

The Airport Security Unit is responsible for law enforcement, and providing assistance to TSA and security at the Long Beach Airport.

Marine Patrol Unit

Marine security officers provide uniformed presence in the largest municipally owned marina system in the United States. They are proactive in the fight against crime and can be seen patrolling on foot, on bikes and in vehicles. Bicycles are used as their primary patrol method, allowing them to access gangways and interacting with boat owners.


Transit Security Unit

Officers are assigned to support Long Beach Transit through security and law enforcement services focused on buses and passengers.