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We salute these officers who made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty.

Fallen Officers
Edward R. Davenport, Corporal, February 3, 2003 Jesse M. Ream, Motor Patrolman, February 28, 1950
Daryle Wayne Black, Detective, April 30, 2000 Marlin Leroy Evans, Patrolman, July 17, 1949
Karl Duane Simons, Police Officer, October 13, 1996 Cecil W. Singer, Motor Patrolman, November 18, 1945
Lloyd M. Lund, Motor Officer, October 30, 1981 Harold W. Irwin, Motor Patrolman, March 20, 1945
Gary O. Elkins, Police Officer, January 1, 1976 Sylvia M. Sievers, Crossing Guard, November 19, 1943
Franke N. Lewis, Police Officer, December 13, 1975 Engebret Larson, Sergeant, February 25, 1942
Robert R. Birdsall, Police Officer, September 15, 1975 Delbert Pius Buckman, Motor Patrolman, February 14, 1940
Donald V. Knott, Patrolman, August 26, 1967 William J. Maclean, Patrolman, December 12, 1934
William L. Isham, Patrolman, August 26, 1967 Ralph A. Morgan, Patrolman, July 13, 1931
Robert G. Smith, Motor Patrolman, December 12, 1965 George A. Walls, Motor Patrolman, November 18, 1928
Richard R. Lefebvre, Patrolman, August 15, 1965 Robert H. Halstead, Motor Patrolman, March 6, 1926
Vernon J. Owings, Patrolman, June 24, 1960 Orlando E. Bridgeman, Patrolman, March 21, 1923
Frederick Walsh, Jr., Patrolman, January 20, 1957 J.R. Wilkinson, Police Officer, January 17, 1923
William H. Waggoner, December 18, 1954 Thomas C. Borden, Mounted Patrolman, March 17, 1912
Robert H. Morgan, Motor Patrolman, November 2, 1950  



Community members and representatives from the Long Beach Police Department, Long Beach Fire Department, local dignitaries, and elected officials gather to pay tribute and honor the Long Beach Police Officers and Firefighters who have lost their lives in the performance of their duties. 

To date, 28 Long Beach Police Officers have paid the ultimate sacrifice and given their lives in the line of duty. Their names are engraved on the Police Memorial at the foot of Chestnut Avenue south of Broadway.