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What is the new Crime Incident Mapping Application?

The new Crime Incident Mapping Application is an application that has been developed to provide recent crime activity within the City of Long Beach. It provides the Public with easy-to-use
tools to search and query crimes within their communities.

What data is used?

The new application draws on data directly from the Long Beach Police Department’s system to provide accurate information which is updated weekly.

What type of Incidents (crimes) are displayed?

The following types of incidents (crimes) are displayed:   


What additional information does the Crime Incident Mapping Application provide?

Detailed Incident Information includes the following: crime type, reported date, DR#, Address nearest 100 block, Division, Beat, Reporting District.

Geographical Information labels reporting district, division and beat to assist viewers when zooming-in/out of the map. 

How can I navigate through the data?

The interactive map allows you to zoom-in/out throughout various areas of the city.

Users will also have the ability to narrow their desired search by using the following filters: date range, day, time, and/or crime type. 

Other Available features:

Customized Crime Incident Reports: Identify a specific area and create a custom report that displays the crime incidents that occurred within the area. Users can generate a printer-friendly report and/or download the raw data. 

Enhanced visualizations: viewers have the option to view charts of the selected crime data as they zoom-in/out of the map. Charts are available for the following: incident category, time of day, day of week, crime by division and six-month activity.
For additional questions regarding mapping application, please contact Records Division at (562) 570-7381. 

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