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Today, March 25, 2015, the Long Beach Police Department made four arrests in connection with the January 2015 kidnapping and murder of 3-week-old Eliza Delacruz. The arrested individuals are listed below.

GISELEANGELIQUE  RENE  D’MILIAN, 47-years-old and a resident of Thousand Oaks, was arrested in Corona. She was booked for murder, kidnapping, attempted murder and conspiracy, and is currently being held in Long Beach City Jail. Her original bail amount was $1,000,000 and has now changed to no bail.

ANTHONY RAY MCCALL, 29-years-old and a resident of Oceanside, was arrested in Oceanside. He was booked for murder, kidnapping, attempted murder and conspiracy, and is currently being held in Long Beach City Jail.  His original bail amount was $1,000,000 and has now changed to no bail.

TODD DAMON BOUDREAUX, 43-years-old and a resident of Fontana, was arrested in Fontana. He was booked for accessory after the fact and is being held in Long Beach City Jail.  His original bail amount was $20,000 and has now changed to no bail.

CHARISSE NICOLE SHELTON, 29-years-old and a resident of Corona, was arrested in Corona. She was booked for accessory after the fact and is being held in Long Beach City Jail.  Her original bail amount was $20,000 and has increased to $1,000,000. Shelton is D’Milian’s daughter.

On January 3, 2015, Long Beach Police were dispatched to a shooting in the 100 block of West 51st Street where three adults sustained gunshot wounds and 3-week-old Eliza Delacruz was kidnapped. The following day, Baby Eliza was found deceased in a trash dumpster in Imperial Beach, California.

For several weeks, Long Beach detectives canvassed the area where the shooting occurred in search of witnesses, investigated the victims’ backgrounds, retraced the victims’ steps on the day of the shooting, and reviewed extensive surveillance video footage.


Recently, detectives were able to piece together a possible motive for the kidnapping.

In 2014, Suspect Giseleangelique Rene D’Milian fabricated a story to her boyfriend that she was pregnant with his twins. She told him that she gave birth to his children in December 2014, while out of the country.

Based on their investigation, detectives determined D’Milian never gave birth to any children in 2014 and in order to continue with this deception, she intended to produce two children who matched the ages of her fabricated twins.

D’Milian developed a plot with Suspect McCall to kidnap Baby Eliza and pass her off as her own child. 


Initially, the investigation moved very slowly because the severity of the victims’ injuries prevented them from providing details to detectives. Once the victims were released from the hospital, they were able to provide more information

Long Beach detectives learned that Baby Eliza’s mother had taken a public bus home on the day of the shooting and they retraced the bus’ route to locate any surveillance video from nearby businesses. While reviewing video, detectives discovered a black Range Rover had followed the victim and Baby Eliza, and the female driver contacted the victim after she got off the bus.

Based on interviews, detectives determined the following:

  • On January 3, 2015, Suspects D’Milian and McCall, in separate vehicles, followed the bus that the victim with Baby Eliza were riding.
  • About 4:15 p.m., the victim carrying Baby Eliza, exited the bus at Del Amo and Long Beach Boulevards and began to walk home. D’Milian stopped the Range Rover and had a brief conversation with the mother. The victim thought nothing more about the contact and continued home. 

  •  Less than two hours later, at approximately 5:50 p.m., Suspect McCall forced his way into the Delacruz home, shot three adults, and kidnapped Baby Eliza.
  • The suspect fled the area with the child. The next day, Baby Eliza’s deceased body was found in a trash dumpster in Imperial Beach.

The San Diego County Coroner ruled Baby Eliza’s death a homicide. At this time, specific details related to the cause or time of her death are not being released. The reason Baby Eliza was killed remains unknown.


As the Long Beach investigation continued, detectives learned that the El Segundo Police Department was investigating an assault case.  In mid-February, Long Beach detectives contacted the El Segundo detectives.  A summary of the El Segundo assault case is below.

  • On February 6, 2015, at approximately 1:48 a.m., El Segundo police officers responded to a hotel in the 2000 block of East Mariposa Avenue regarding an unknown trouble call.
  • Once on scene, officers discovered a 23-year-old female had been severely beaten with a full size bat, inside a hotel room.  Officers also located the victim’s uninjured 4-month-old infant son inside the room.
  • The alleged attacker, Suspect McCall, had fled the scene after employees knocked on the victim’s door. The employees had been alerted by hotel patrons of a female yelling for help inside the room.
  • Due to the severity of the attack, El Segundo detectives immediately began an attempted murder investigation.

A joint investigation between both departments was initiated and El Segundo detectives provided information regarding persons and suspects who had been identified in the El Segundo case.

Detectives determined D’Milian knew the El Segundo victim for several years and was aware that she recently had a child. The victim was specifically targeted because of her child’s age and because D’Milan knew where to find the woman. D’Milian put a plan into motion to have McCall kill the mother in El Segundo and kidnap her baby, so D’Milian could pretend to be its mother and convince her boyfriend that it was their son. 


As the Long Beach shooting victims’ conditions improved, they began working with a sketch artist.

On March 18, 2015, Long Beach Police released video of the Range Rover and two sketches, one of the female Range Rover driver and one of the male shooting suspect. As a result of the release, detectives received new tips and names that matched those in the El Segundo case.

Using information from the new tips, detectives were able to conduct several interviews with newly found witnesses who provided crucial evidence that ultimately led to the four arrests.


The investigation remains ongoing and the public’s help is still needed. Detectives believe D’Milian misrepresented that she had a charitable organization that wanted to help young mothers and their infants.  Detectives believe D’Milian contacted friends and acquaintances in their efforts to find infants.

Detectives are hopeful additional witnesses, who can provide supporting evidence of D’Milian or her associates’ prior attempts to seek out infants, will come forward.

Anyone who may have received a phone call or text message is urged to call L.B.P.D. Homicide Detail at (562) 570-7244. Anyone wishing to provide a tip related to the El Segundo investigation should call Detective Luke Muir at (310) 524-2263.  Anyone wishing to remain anonymous may call 1-800-222-TIPS (8477), or text TIPLA plus your tip to 274637 (CRIMES), or visit www.LACrimeStoppers.org.


This has been an extensive investigation and Long Beach Police Department extends their appreciation to the San Diego Sheriff’s Department, the El Segundo Police Department, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Joint Regional Intelligence Center for their assistance. The L.B.P.D. would also like to thank all of the businesses that provided access to their video surveillance footage, and extends its gratitude to the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors for approving the $25,000 reward that was a significant incentive for individuals to come forward with information.