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The Long Beach Police Department is again warning the community about a dramatic increase in telephone scams targeting residents and businesses throughout the City of Long Beach and region.

In recent weeks, residents have reported a telephone scam where the caller is posing as a law enforcement official who informs the resident of an outstanding arrest warrant for failing to comply with jury service or summons. The fraudster demands payment in lieu of arrest by directing the resident to purchase a pre-paid MoneyPak card. Once purchased, the victim is instructed to call back the telephone number provided and disclose the serial number on the pre-paid credit/debit card.

This particular scheme, aptly known as the “Jury Duty” scam, surfaced many years ago and has resurfaced around the country. If you should receive an unsolicited telephone call or e-mail from a person claiming to be a police officer or other official who informs you that you or a family member has an outstanding arrest warrant for failure to comply to a jury summons, and demands payment with a pre-paid re-loadable debit card to satisfy a fine, law enforcement encourages residents not to respond or disclose personal information and to simply end the call by hanging-up.

Here are a few “red flags” and prevention tips to help minimize your risk of becoming a victim:

• Law enforcement agencies do not call residents concerning outstanding warrants issued for their arrest

• Verify with the law enforcement agency, the name and telephone number of the purported law enforcement official who called

• Superior courts will never ask for financial information such as bank accounts, credit card numbers or personal information

• Never disclose to anyone over the telephone or online, your social security number, date of birth, account numbers or personal PIN number.

• Do not respond to e-mails requesting you to update your account records, i.e. date of birth, social security number, telephone numbers, etc

If you should need to confirm your status as a juror, you may contact your respective County Superior Court at www.courts.ca.gov/juryservice.htm.

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If you should have any questions, please contact the Long Bach Police Department’s Financial Crimes Detail at (562) 570-7330 or e-mail at LBPDFinancialCrimes@longbeach.gov