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The Long Beach Police Department is pleased to have been awarded a grant by the Department of Justice, which will be used for improving the capabilities of the Department’s Forensic Science Services Division’s Crime Laboratory.

In March 2015, the L.B.P.D.’s Crime Laboratory submitted their application paperwork, requesting grant consideration for training and equipment needs. In September 2015, the Department of Justice Office of Justice Programs awarded the crime laboratory $50,011 from the Paul Coverdell Forensic Science Improvement Grants Program, a national and competitive grant program focused on improving the efficiency, quality and abilities of crime laboratories.

In December 2015, the Long Beach City Council officially accepted the funding provided by the grant. "We’re extremely proud of our Crime Lab and our entire Department for the work they do to keep our city safe, and this grant will enhance and expand that work. My thanks to the Justice Department for this recognition and the opportunities it will provide,” stated Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia.

Stated Long Beach Police Chief Robert Luna, “We are grateful to the Department of Justice for awarding this grant to our Department. Our crime lab plays a critical role in assisting detectives in solving crime, and these funds will help us provide better service to victims as well as our entire community.”

The LBPD’s Crime Laboratory is now in the process of using the awarded funds for the following projects:


The Long Beach Police Department’s Crime Laboratory recognized a need for additional training in the areas of Bloodstain Pattern Analysis and Shooting Incident Reconstruction for their crime scene analysts. The L.B.P.D. will host a training class on both of these topics at the Long Beach Police Academy in March and April of 2016. These classes, which are being contracted through a private company, will be available to department personnel, in addition to other law enforcement employees in the region. There is a limited amount of space still available for these classes. For more information, law enforcement agencies can contact Bevel, Gardner and Associates Inc. at (405) 706-8489 or visit www.bevelgardner.com.


A portion of the funds will also be used to purchase FARO Reality software and a computer suitable for its operation, which will allow the laboratory to fully utilize its current crime scene documentation equipment. This system is used to render scans of crime scenes into 3D models for the purposes of documentation, measurements and court display. Two laboratory analysts will also attend FARO 3D Scanner Reality software training.

A high-speed document scanner will be purchased in order to scan older case files into a digital format; thereby providing a digital backup to the hard copy files in the event of damage or loss. New laptop computers will also be purchased to replace aging computers that no longer support current operating systems and programs.

For more information regarding the grant, please contact the Long Beach Police Department’s Media Relations Detail at (562) 570-5273.