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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEPress Release # 22522-2
City Launches Pitch Long Beach! - A Smart City Initiative Program to Encourage Companies to Pitch Ideas and Bring Innovative Solutions to Civic Challenges
Ryan Kurtzman
Smart Cities Program Manager
Technology & Innovation Department

Long Beach, CA - The City of Long Beach has launched Pitch Long Beach! – a new program that allows companies to submit project ideas to help improve City services. This innovative program was developed to make it easier and more transparent for vendors to submit creative ideas and technology solutions by formalizing the project submission process. The program is part of Long Beach’s Smart City Initiative, which advances solutions to civic challenges by engaging the community, staff and private sector to explore and implement emerging technology.

“Pitch Long Beach! makes it easier to work with the City by enabling vendors to submit project ideas that will help our City overcome barriers,” said Mayor Robert Garcia. “With this new process, we can work towards more innovative solutions and improve City services.”

 The Pitch Long Beach! program will provide a streamlined process for:

  • Gathering vendor pitches not solicited by the City.
  • Evaluating these ideas with transparent criteria based on City interest and capacity at the time of the pitch.
  • Engaging in an open and competitive procurement process by scanning the market to identify other feasible solutions to the original pitch and select a vendor to carry out implementation.
  • Implementing solutions to legitimate City needs based on the original pitches.

Pitch Long Beach! was created through extensive research, consultation and workshopping with both internal and external stakeholders. City staff researched best practices in other jurisdictions to leverage innovative ideas. Several City Departments facilitated internal workshops with City staff to determine how the process might work. In addition, a vendor survey conducted in October 2021 demonstrated only half of past and current City contractors agreed that they could propose innovative solutions to challenges the City faces, suggesting there would be a strong interest for this type of program from other vendors across industries.

Interested vendors may submit a pitch at any time electronically by completing the Pitch Long Beach! Idea Form. Pitches will be evaluated by a committee comprised of City staff and stakeholders using the new process, which is aligned with the City’s open and competitive procurement policies. After a pitch is accepted, the City will issue an Expression of Interest (EOI) to determine whether additional organizations would be interested in the opportunity to provide a similar solution to the identified challenge on a pilot basis and would be able to meet the needs of the City. Once a vendor is selected to implement solutions from the original pitch, the City will work with the vendor to establish performance goals and success metrics. Upon the project’s conclusion, City officials will evaluate results using these metrics and explore opportunities to scale the effort. More information about Pitch Long Beach! can be found on the program website

“Pitch Long Beach! provides a clear process for innovative and emerging technology ideas to be pitched to the City,” said Lea Eriksen, CIO and Director of Technology and Innovation. “It also helps the City identify potential partners that can implement exploratory projects that, if successful, can be scaled into longer term projects.”

The program is part of Long Beach’s Smart City Initiative that supports and facilitates innovative pilot programs for using emerging technology and other solutions to solve operational challenges. As the City launches more pilots in future years, the Smart City Initiative will ensure that projects are sourced and contracted in line with City policies, protect residents’ personal privacy, and align with Citywide priorities to improve the lives of Long Beach residents. 

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