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City of Long Beach Donates Collected Shoes and Clothing to Local Nonprofit
Diko Melkonian, Manager
Environmental Services Bureau
Department of Public Works

Today, the City of Long Beach’s Department of Public Works in partnership with Waste Management, Inc. presented the Long Beach Rescue Mission with 457 pairs of shoes and 120 sweaters that were donated during the Long Beach Marathon.

“We are proud to partner with Waste Management to donate 457 pairs of shoes and 120 sweaters,” said Mayor Robert Garcia. “This project not only helps deserving people in our community, but promotes sustainability and recycling.”

Last month, the City’s Department of Public Works asked Long Beach Marathon participants to donate gently used running shoes and clothes at the event. The City’s recycling contractor and a sponsor of the event, Waste Management, Inc., collected shoes during the Marathon Expo on October 6 and 7 and at the finish line on October 8, 2017.

“The ‘Shoe Recycling’ program showcases how partnerships between a City department and businesses or non-profits can help accomplish multiple goals,” said Diko Melkonian, Public Works Environmental Services Bureau Manager. “November 15 is both America Recycles Day and National Philanthropy Day, which makes this the perfect day to promote the 3 R’s – Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.”

“As the recycling partner to the City of Long Beach, we are thrilled to have sponsored the marathon and to hold this exciting shoe drive to help community members in need as we help keep the reuse cycle going,” said Sharon Shapiro-Fox, Regional Public Affairs Manager for Waste Management of Southern California. “By donating their gently used running shoes, marathoners are doing good for others and for the environment.”

The Long Beach Rescue Mission will distribute the donated items to underserved men, women, and children of the community.

“Long Beach Rescue Mission is so grateful for the shoes and clothing items donated through the efforts of Waste Management and the Jet Blue Long Beach Marathon,” said Robert Probst, Executive Director of the Long Beach Rescue Mission. “A pair of shoes goes a long way for a person experiencing homelessness. We give away thousands of shoes and clothing items each month, and are able to share in the joy that a pair of shoes can bring, which so many of us take for granted.”

The Marathon Shoe Recycling program, sponsored by Public Works, will become an annual event, allowing marathoners the opportunity to donate gently used shoes and clothing. This new effort promotes reuse and recycling while helping community members in need.

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