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City of Long Beach Reminds Residents of Electric Scooter Pilot Program Rules
Michelle Mowery
Mobility Officer
Department of Public Works

As many residents have noticed, the City of Long Beach has launched an electric scooter (e-scooter) pilot program, providing the City’s residents and visitors with even more shared mobility options. In light of this launch, the City reminds e-scooter users of the rules and regulations by which they must abide.

“Long Beach has been a proactive leader in active transportation, and this e-scooter pilot program is a part of the City’s multi-modal efforts,” said City Manager Patrick H. West. “By carefully initiating a pilot program where we can learn and observe what works, Long Beach has avoided what other cities have experienced where large numbers of scooters have been dropped into a community with no structured program regulation or permits.”  

Only riders 18 years of age or older can utilize e-scooter sharing platforms, and they must comply with the following sections of the California Vehicle Code (CVC) and Long Beach Municipal Code (LBMC):

  • E-scooters must be parked upright in a position so that they do not block pedestrian traffic on sidewalks, bikeways or paths (CVC §21235i).
  • All riders must wear helmets, regardless of age (CVC §21235c). Riders can request a free helmet from each operator.
  • E-scooters cannot be ridden on the sidewalk anywhere in Long Beach (CVC §21235g).
  • When there is a bike lane present, scooters must ride within that lane (CVC §21229a).
  • E-scooter riders cannot ride on private property (LBMC 9.42.100a).

The pilot program, which began August 1, 2018 and runs through October 31, 2018, permits six operators to each deploy 150 e-scooters, citywide. To date, three of the six operators have launched their program. By providing an additional “green” transportation option, the goal of the City’s e-scooter pilot program is to reduce the number of short, single-occupancy car trips in Long Beach.

The pilot program splits the City into three zones and requires each operator maintain at least twenty percent of its fleet in each zone. In doing so, the City aims to avoid an overconcentration of e-scooters in any one part of Long Beach. The requirement to distribute e-scooters in every zone also ensures residents have the option of trying scooters by various operators no matter where they live, while giving operators the opportunity to acquaint themselves with different parts of the City.

“We’ve implemented a number of measures to assist operators with keeping the public right of way clear, deploying their e-scooters at marked drop-off locations and encouraging their riders to ride safely,” said Eric Widstrand, City Traffic Engineer. “The number one priority for the program is to ensure safety for the community.”

Working closely with the permitted e-scooter operators during this three-month pilot program period, the City will regularly assess the success of the program to determine the feasibility of potential future operations in Long Beach.

To learn more about the City’s e-scooter pilot program, the public can visit For any questions or concerns, the community can reach a dedicated customer service hotline at (562) 908-3516 or by sending an email to

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