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Long Beach Health Officer Lifts Closure on Remainder of Coastal Beaches
Nelson Kerr
(562) 570-4170
Bureau of Environmental Health

Long Beach City Health Officer, Dr. Anissa Davis, has lifted the closure order on coastal beaches after consecutive lab results indicated the water is within State water quality standards following a sewage spill that originated from the City of Glendale on December 17, 2018. 

State law requires the temporary closure of and posting at, beaches in these situations until the water quality meets State requirements. After a few days of testing following the spill, over half of the beach locations in Long Beach were reopened. Lab test results from the remainder of the locations are now within State water quality standards and all beaches have been reopened.

Long Beach has approximately seven miles of public beach. To protect the safety of the public, weekly water samples are collected and tested routinely to monitor bacterial levels. The community is encouraged to pay close attention to any warning signs posted at the beach for their safety.

For the latest status on Long Beach recreational beach water quality, the public can call the Water Hotline at (562) 570-4199 or visit

About Long Beach Water Quality

Long Beach continues to improve its water quality and has seen sustained progress over the past seven years. According to the Heal the Bay 2017-2018 Beach Report Card, the City of Long Beach continues to receive excellent recreational water quality grades with 100 percent of its beaches receiving A and B grades for the summer months (April through October 2017).

Heal the Bay also grades beaches during dry winter months, which spans from November 2017 through March 2018. Eighty-seven percent of the City’s beaches during those months received A and B grades, of which two are A+’s. This is up from last year's 62 percent A and B grades. Alamitos Bay received A+ and A grades for both summer dry months and winter dry months.

Media inquiries can be directed to Nelson Kerr, Manager, Bureau of Environmental Health at (562) 570-4170  


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