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Improvements Coming to Market Street

Release Date: 2021-02-04

The Market Street Pedestrian and Streetscape Enhancement Project aims to improve the condition and overall safety of Market Street between the Los Angeles River and 800 feet east of Cherry Avenue. Enhancements along this roughly 2-mile stretch of Market Street will include improvements at 8 intersections, added bicycle safety features, and roadway reconfiguration to help create streets that are accessible and safe for all ages and abilities.   

Proposed changes to Market Street will include added high visibility crosswalks, ADA compliant curb ramps, curb bulb-outs for pedestrian protection, and lower pedestrian street lights (for increased visibility). Roadway reconfiguration will consist of narrowing the travel lanes and reallocating roadway space for curb-side parking and bicycle infrastructure. The additional bicycle infrastructure will connect some of our existing bike pathways and provide protected bike lanes at high traffic areas along the Market Street Corridor. These added traffic calming features will encourage vehicles to slow down and provide additional visibility and safety for pedestrians.

These many improvements will provide increased safety for pedestrians, bicyclists and drivers – resulting in healthier and more connected communities. Increasing accessibility for all ages and abilities within the community encourages residents to engage in more physical activity and promote healthy lifestyle behaviors. In addition to providing better access to businesses within the Market Street corridor, improvements for this project will also allow for convenient connections to several neighborhood parks, schools, and public transit for a more inclusive Long Beach.