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Colorado Lagoon Project

The Colorado Lagoon (Lagoon) is an 18-acre saltwater tidal lagoon located at 5119 East Colorado Street. It is hydraulically connected to Alamitos Bay and the Pacific Ocean through a 900-foot underground concrete box culvert located under Marina Vista Park. The Lagoon serves three primary functions: it hosts estuarine habitat, it provides public recreation (including swimming), and it retains and conveys storm water. The Lagoon site was formerly part of the vast Los Cerritos Wetlands and was naturally connected to what is now Marine Stadium.

Improvements to Colorado Lagoon are a part of a multi-phased Colorado Lagoon Restoration Plan which included previous improvements finished in 2010 and 2012. The final component of the Colorado Lagoon’s approved master restoration plan involves creating an open channel between the Colorado Lagoon and Marine Stadium. The City continues to work closely with its State and Federal Agency partners, as well as the Port of Long Beach, on the funding and construction of the upcoming open channel.

The most recent restoration improvements included hydraulic sediment dredging of the lagoon to ensure compliance with the Federal Clean Water Act and to meet the approved Colorado Lagoon sediment and water quality targets, as well as the creation of new subtidal and eelgrass habitats. Specific improvements on the north side of the Lagoon include installation of a new decomposed granite walking trail, pedestrian bridge improvements, reclaimed water irrigation system, replanting with native species, and a vegetated bioswale to assist with the removal of pollution from surface runoff water.

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