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Fire Station 9

Fire Station 9
The Fire Station 9 Project supports demolition of the existing Fire Station 9 building, utilization of temporary facilities, and the construction of a new Fire Station.

The existing Fire Station 9, located at 3917 Long Beach Boulevard, was built in 1938 and is approximately 3,800 sq ft. Due to issues with water penetration beginning in 2003 and subsequent history of active mold at the facility, the facility was vacated and Fire Station 9 crews were temporarily relocated while an assessment could be completed on the facility. After further studies, it was determined that the repairs required at the facility would be extensive and only a temporary solution.

Staff turned their attention to identifying a location for a new facility which would not only be more cost effective long term, but would also provide the Fire Department with a much needed larger and more efficient facility. An extensive search was conducted and more than 30 sites throughout the City have been reviewed as potential locations based on a long list of requirements.

We will be continuously updating this page as the Fire Station 9 Project moves forward. Please check back for regular updates.

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