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The Belmont Veterans Memorial Pier Enhancements

Project Goals

It is the City’s goal to continue to increase the use of the coastal area and enhance the overall experience of beach goers by developing and maintaining an innovative pier that supports beachfront residents, visitors, and activities. Revitalizing the pier will serve as a model for a sustainable, energy efficient, and an up to date infrastructure – allowing for more event opportunities and providing economic growth for the community. The Belmont Pier revitalization is an important project for the 2028 Olympic Summer Games.

Based on community input, from the first outreach meeting in February 2020, this project’s key goals will focus on creating a timeless design and incorporating some of the great history of the Belmont Pier, constructing the pier in an environmentally conscious manner and ensuring ample space for the community’s outdoor activities and events. There has also been a demand for food options with preferences to keep functions on the pier at a smaller-scale and any large opportunities located closer to land. This logic also applies to activities – a performance venue is supported, but with care taken to locate it thoughtfully along the pier and land. A strong visual and functional connection to community would allow for local businesses, artists, and residents to share their work and community pride.

History of the Belmont Pier

The Belmont Veterans Memorial Pier is located at 35 39th Place, Long Beach CA, 90803. The original pier was built in 1915, and the existing concrete pier was constructed in 1965, approximately 100 feet from the previous timber “Grand Avenue Pier.” The Pier is approximately 1,620 feet long and generally 26 feet wide. The total surface area of the Pier is approximately 50,000 square feet, and it is currently constructed out of lightweight concrete and precast deck planks.  Over the years, the Pier has had limited structural maintenance and has been steadily deteriorating. View more information on the Belmont Pier on the Department of Parks, Recreation and Marine website.

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