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Wrigley Greenbelt Project

Update as of May 7, 2021:  

Tree Work Update

The City of Long Beach has made significant progress on the Wrigley Greenbelt Project. To date, the project contractor has trimmed and removed 85% of trees identified for replacement due to disease/death, and to ensure worker safety for upcoming construction at the proposed site.

Tidelands Tree Trimming Policy (Not applicable to project)

The Tidelands Tree Trimming Policy which limits tree work from September 1 to January 15 does not apply to the Wrigley Greenbelt Project, as it only applies to trees within the coastal area. The City has approximately 93,000 trees to maintain citywide, making it critical that routine tree care continues year-round.

A certified arborist oversees all tree removals in order to align with all applicable policies and procedures. The Department of Public Works takes great care in ensuring tree removals are handled in an environmentally responsible manner which takes into account the wellbeing and care of all birds and wildlife. For this project, we have also hired a team biologist to perform bird nesting surveys and provide advice and recommendations to the City.

+View the latest nesting bird survey from May 2021
+View the nesting bird survey from March 2021

Additional Considerations

The remaining healthy 51 trees will not be removed, but 16 of the 51 trees planned are to be modified to avoid removal. The Conservation Corps are acting as a partner in this project and making use of trees being removed to use as lumber as part of a separate grant funded project.

No chemicals or sprays will be used for weed abatement as a part of this project. Crews will cultivate/till the soil to eliminate weeds.

Looking Forward

To facilitate the goal of achieving more greenspace in the Wrigley Greenbelt, the project team will add at least 138 new trees, resulting in an overall increase of at least 40 trees within the proposed site. The aforementioned tree removal will accommodate new growth and expansion of the current greenspace, which will be replaced at a 3:1 ratio.

Construction Update

There has been no grading or pathway excavation improvements yet on this project. The appropriate permit approvals are forthcoming and all work (excluding dust control mitigation) will pause until the City and County resolve an issue with the existing permit.

Project Background

The Wrigley Greenbelt Master Plan was developed in 1993. Initial engagement for the Wrigley Greenbelt project began in 2007, with follow up outreach efforts taking place in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2015 and 2021. The project was also part of the RiverLink Open Space Plan of 2007. Prior to the start of this project, area residents received door hangers and construction notices providing information on this project. Construction signage was also installed at the site with details.

Project Contact Information

Adrian Puyolt, Project Manager, adrian.puyolt@longbeach.gov

Additional project updates and information will be published on an on-going basis.

More Information:
Wrigley Greenbelt Community Meeting Presentation – April 7, 2021
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Wrigley Greenbelt Plans – *Plans have been slightly modified since publication as a result of changes to lessen the number of trees removed. These plans were developed in 2017, prior to the City Council’s 2018 ban of products containing glyphosates, such as Roundup – no Roundup or other glyphosate product will be used in this project.