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Suggested Pedestrian Route to School

Take time to be safe everyday!

The following are some safety rules for children, parents and guardians to follow while traveling to and from school.

Please also search to find the suggested pedestrian route for your area and school.

For more information regarding the Pedestrian Safety Advisory Committee, please contact Teresa Dennis at (562) 570-6331 or teresa.dennis@longbeach.gov


Streets are for vehiclesbicycles and cars are vehicles; skateboards and rollerskates are not.

  1. Identify and follow the "safest school route;" obey all traffics signs, signals and crossing guards. Remember to walk your bike across intersections.
  2. Drive your bike on the right. Learn and obey bicycle traffic laws. Lock your bike when it's not in use.
  3. Do not use skateboards or rollerskates to get to school.
  4. At a bus stop, do not play while waiting for a bus, and stand in an orderly line.

Parents and Guardians:

  1. Streets are for vehicles—bicycles and cars are vehicles; skateboards and rollerskates are not.
  2. Never double-park your car. Park only where it is permitted.
  3. Use seat belts for safety. Provide them for your children's safety.
  4. Always know where your child is when he or she is not in school or at home.
  5. Prohibit use of bicycles on rainy or foggy school days.
  6. When visibility is poor in foggy, stormy weather, accompany your child to and from school
  7. Teach your child to only cross the street to get to your car or school at an intersection
  8. Teach your child:  
    1. To never talk to, go near, or get into a car with a stranger.
    2. To never take candy, presents, or money from a stranger, or allow them to touch, walk with, or fuss with your child's clothes.
    3. To walk to and from school with a classmate or friend living near you.
    4. To "YELL FOR HELP" when frightened, and to run to safety.

The following maps were created by the Tra sport action Mobility Bureau in cooperation with Long Beach Unified School District.