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Permit to Plant Public Tree

A permit issued by the Public Works Department must first be obtained to plant a tree in the public right-of-way and on other City property.

To mail this form, view the Permit to Plant Public Tree Form and send to Public Works, 1651 San Francisco Ave., Long Beach, CA 90813.

For any questions or for more information, please contact Public Works at (562) 570-2770 or e-mail pwstreets@longbeach.gov.

City Ordinance: LBMC Section 14.28.020 – same – Planting and Removal – The Director of Public works shall plant or remove and regulate and control the planting and removal of any and all trees planted along any City street. The Director shall designate the species, kind, number, spacing and method of planting, excepting that no tree shall be planted closer than twenty-five feet to another tree, or closer than fifteen feet to any utility pole or light standard, or nearer than five feet to any fire hydrant, water meter or gas meter, or closer than twenty feet from the curb radius centers of any street intersection.

I hereby request authorization of the City of Long Beach to plant tree(s) within the public easement at the following addresses. In accordance with City specification, applicant will, within sixty (60) days of said request, install the authorized public tree(s), agrees to water and fertilize the trees and adhere to City Ordinances pertaining to said trees.

An Approved Public Tree List for authorized public tree species is available at longbeach.gov/trees or call (562) 570-2770.