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What does recovery mean for Long Beach?

Long Beach has been a leader on addressing the COVID-19 pandemic. From our quick vaccine rollout to the variety of innovative programs kickstarted under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, we have been preparing to lead Long Beach toward an equitable and just recovery. 

While we focus on recovery, we acknowledge that the COVID-19 pandemic has been devastating and it has exacerbated long-standing inequities in Long Beach. Communities of color, already facing disproportionately negative health outcomes, have suffered the highest coronavirus disease burden and death rates. These communities have also felt the economic fallout of the pandemic acutely, facing additional loss of income and greater-than-average housing insecurity.

As we recover from the pandemic, we want to be intentional with the Long Beach Recovery Act’s millions in federal, state, and county relief funds to ensure an economic and public health recovery. We also want to build resilience in Long Beach communities and prioritize equitable outcomes.

Latest News

 In an effort to support entrepreneurial and business development opportunities in the city while protecting public health, safety and ADA access, during its Jan. 23, 2024, meeting, the Long Beach City Council approved with a 9 to 0 vote a new sidewalk vending ordinance. This action creates a clear path for those who would like to sell food from compact mobile food operations, more commonly known as food carts, or other merchandise. View full press release here
The City of Long Beach has launched the application period for the expansion of the Long Beach Pledge, the City’s guaranteed income pilot program. The program will provide $500 a month for 12 months to 200 additionally funded households, utilizing $1.2 million in funding to support the City’s upstream homeless prevention efforts. The application is open for eligible residents at longbeachpledge.org now through Jan. 24 at 11:59 p.m. View full press release here
The City of Long Beach is seeking a partner to implement and operate a Mobile Healthy Food Market in Long Beach. The goal of the Mobile Healthy Food Market is to increase access to affordable fresh produce in neighborhoods defined as having poor food access as well as increase opportunities for residents to be connected to other services and resources that address the social determinants of health and improve health outcomes. This re-release of a previous RFP now requires that the selected vendor will be required to procure and/or retrofit an existing vehicle to turn it into a Mobile Healthy Food Market. This will allow for more flexibility and a faster startup. View full press release here
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