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Public Comment

All members of the community, regardless of citizenship status, are encouraged to participate in the Long Beach Independent Redistricting Meetings.

You can participate in the meetings by attending in-person and/or submitting written comments using eComments or emailing redistricting@longbeach.gov.

To best address the Commission, it is recommended you identify the following:

1. Your name and where you live;
2. The location that is the subject of your public comment; and
3. If you have submitted a Community of Interest (COI) Map using the online mapping tool, please provide your username and the name of the map.

To best describe your community during the public testimony portion of the Community of Interest Outreach meetings:

  1. What are the streets or boundaries that mark your community’s borders? What are the significant landmarks: rivers, parks, shopping areas, historic sites, etc.?
  2. What are your community’s shared interests?
  3. What brings your community together?
  4. What is important to your community?
  5. Are there nearby areas you want to be in a district with?
  6. Are there important places where people come together, like community centers, churches, temples, neighborhood associations, or parks?
  7. Are there nearby areas you don't want to be in a district with? Why?
  8. Has your community come together to advocate for important services, better schools, roads, or health centers in your neighborhood?
  9. Do the current Council District boundaries divide your community? Or do they keep your community together?

To request a translator for public comment, please call the Office of the City Clerk at 562-570-6101 to request a translator. A Spanish and Khmer translator will be available at all Commission meetings.