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Mapping Tool

All members of the community, regardless of citizenship status, can provide input to the Commission by submitting a 
Community of Interest Map and District Plans.

How To Submit A Community of Interest Map

Digital Mapping Tool

Map out your Community of Interest using the online Mapping Tool. Check out the Mapping Tool Demonstration video for a tutorial on how to navigate the online mapping tool.
DistrictR is a simple online map drawing tool to easily draw communities of interest and district plans. No log in required. Check out the user guide to help navigate the online mapping tool. 

Mapping Activity Sheets

To submit a printed paper copy of your Community of Interest, complete the printed copy you can find here. Return it by email to redistricting@longbeach.gov or drop off/mail a hard copy to the Office of the City Clerk at 411 W. Ocean Blvd. Long Beach, CA 90802.

Submitted Maps

You can view submitted maps using this link.

Mapping Tool Demonstration

Submit your Community of Interest Form

Use your voice to help the Commission create a list of Communities of Interest by submitting a form today!