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Need help but don't know who to ask?
Call the LB Resource Line at (562) 570-4246! 

The LB Resource Line is a hotline that supports anyone in Long Beach who needs help finding local, City and community resources. Calls are answered Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. You can also submit your contact information through our Assistance Request Form.

Connect with trained Resource Navigators for assistance with: 

  • Housing
  • Food Access
  • Utilities
  • Transportation
  • Legal Aid
  • Mental and Physical Health 
  • & more! 

Who is the LB Resource Line for? 

Anyone who lives, works, learns or plays in Long Beach can call us for assistance finding resources and accessing social services. The LB Resource Line supports everyone in our city, including individuals, families and children, older adults, veterans, members of the LGBTQ+ community and undocumented people. This is a great place to start for those who aren't sure where to begin. 

How does it work?

    1. Call us at 562.570.4246 between 9 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. on weekdays. If you call during normal business hours and all Resource Navigators are busy with other callers, you can leave a voicemail and someone will return your call within 24 hours OR submit an online Assistance Request Form. Once completed, we will get in touch within one working day.
    2. Once connected, a live Resource Navigator will collect some information to help you locate health and/or social services programs that meet your needs. Our Resource Navigators can answer many questions you may have about the available resources. We never use the information you provide for anything other than helping connect you with resources.
    3. Our Resource Navigators can then provide you with the contact information via phone, text or email. Callers can reach out to the agency or organization themselves or, with proper consent, allow the Resource Navigator to share your information directly with the service provider for a faster response.

Who are Resource Navigators? 

Resource Navigators are trained, knowledgeable staff of the City of Long Beach’s Department of Health and Human Services (Health Department). We are dedicated to helping you get connected to resources that fit your needs. Resource Navigators are bilingual in English and Spanish and can help callers in other languages through interpreters. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the LB Resource Line anonymously?

Yes. You are not required to provide any personal information when calling or requesting information from the LB Resource Line. However, in many cases, basic information can allow us to better serve you in locating nearby resources, assessing eligibility and sharing relevant information, such as: 

  • First and last name
  • Date of birth or year of birth
  • Contact information (phone number and/or email address)
  • Zip code
  • Gender and ethnicity

Can I use the LB Resource Line regardless of my immigration status?

All are welcomed and encouraged to utilize this service regardless of immigration status and you will not be required to provide proof of citizenship. 

Is this the main telephone number for the City of Long Beach?  

No. For a complete list of City contact phone numbers, please visit longbeach.gov/whodoicall 

Frequently Asked Questions - Providers

How can my organization join the LB Resource Line network? 

If you agency is interested in joining the Unite Us network, feel free to fill out this online interest form or attend one of the weekly LA county info sessions to learn more about other Unite Us network partners and how to get involved. 

Is there a cost to join the network? 

Joining the network is free for community-based organizations. For large institutions, like hospitals or universities, please contact Unite Us.  

What is Unite California?

Unite California is a part of the Unite US coordinated care network of health and social service providers. Partners in the network are connected through Unite Us shared technology platform, which enables them to send and receive electronic referrals, address social needs and improve health across communities. Learn how it works by visiting the Unite US website.

For additional questions or information, please contact BasicNeeds@longbeach.gov

Resource Line Postcard: English/Spanish/Khmer/Tagalog