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Slurry Seal and Crack Seal Projects

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Additional project updates and information will be published on an on-going basis.

Project Information

To keep Long Beach streets in good repair, City crews will be conducting street improvements in your area. The work being performed in the area is called "slurry seal" and "crack seal."

CRACK SEAL is a liquid rubber/asphalt mixture that binds the gaps of pavement cracks prior to the application of a slurry seal. The crack seal process requires a one-hour street closure for the safety of work crews, and to allow the crack seal to cool prior to the resumption of vehicle traffic. Once the crack seal has fully cured, a slurry seal application will be scheduled.

SLURRY SEAL is a mixture of water, asphalt emulsion, crushed rock, and additives. Slurry seal is evenly spread on the surface of the roadway to prolong the life of the road, also resulting in a like new appearance. The slurry seal process requires 4 – 6 hours before the roadway can be re-opened to pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

To produce the best quality street application, cooperation of residents is needed and greatly appreciated. No Parking/No Access signs will be posted on impacted streets no later than 48 hours prior to road closure. On the day of construction, there will be no access to the roadway for pedestrians or vehicles until the road is reopened. Per the municipal code, violations will result in fines of no less than $5,000 for the destruction of city streets. Street sweeping may be affected during this period, however, your refuse pickup will remain as scheduled. *No private property access for 8 hours during active work. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your cooperation and patience.

Project Funding

Slurry Seal Projects are currently supported by Measure A. Measure A is a Long Beach ballot initiative approved by voters in 2016 as a 10-year sales tax to fund public infrastructure and public safety services and was extended indefinitely by voters in 2020. For more information, visit longbeach.gov/measurea.
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More Information

Project Contact

For more information or questions, please call (562) 570-2726 or e-mail pwstreets@longbeach.gov.