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Smart Long Beach

Smart Long Beach

What is a “smart" city? 

In October 2019, Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia and the City Council directed City staff to develop a Smart City Initiative. But what is a "smart" city? Does it include a monorail down Ocean Blvd and flying cars? Probably not. Does it mean partnering with the Long Beach community to leverage data and technology as strategic tools to solve challenges and overcome problems? That sounds more like it.

A smart Long Beach is one that is inclusive, responsible, resilient, and community-centered. We think technology and data have the power to improve the lives of all Long Beach residents, and that real change can only happen if we collaborate as one City to solve problems and test out solutions. The Long Beach of the future must be defined by our residents, not technology companies. 

What we're doing

The Smart City Initiative advances solutions to civic challenges by engaging the community, staff, and private sector to explore and implement emerging technology. This does not imply that there is something “not smart” about the way things have been done in the past. Rather, the Smart City Initiative is a collaborative effort to build on foundations that are already in place and to keep pace with rapid advances in technology.

A "smarter" Long Beach uses technology and data to manage change and expand capacities to better the daily lives of Long Beach residents, enhance city operations and make the best possible use of resources across all City Departments.

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Latest News

The City of Long Beach has launched the 2023 Smart City Challenge. Now in its fourth year, the Challenge seeks to create collaboration between City Departments and the private sector to improve City service delivery through piloting creative solutions addressing key civic issues and needs.
When the COVID-19 pandemic began, small businesses in Long Beach, California reported a 63% drop in sales. Using a data-driven approach, the City is now able to support hundreds of businesses to help them succeed. Watch the latest video to learn more about the impacts of our BizCare program!
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We conducted a series of Long Beach Data Walks through Downtown to showcase the City's emerging technologies, data privacy policies, and the new Digital Rights Platform! We are now excited to share what we heard from you and other community members! 

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Pitch Long Beach!

The Pitch Long Beach! program is live! Submit your project ideas to help improve City services for our residents and businesses.

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