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2021 Smart City Challenge

2021 Smart City Challenge


The Smart City Challenge, powered by the Startup in Residence (STIR) program, enables City Departments to collaborate with technology companies to address some of our civic problems. This program is an opportunity for City Departments to come up with technology needs and work with technology companies to build and implement a pilot solution for 6 months.

These pilot projects are intended to provide City staff with the opportunity to quickly understand how we might adopt technology and leverage partnerships to drive innovative service delivery for our residents, in alignment with our Smart City Strategy.  

Note: The submission window for the 2021 Smart City Challenge has now closed. Thank you to those who submitted ideas!

Previous City pilot projects include:

  • The Development Services Department partnered with Tolemi to provide the public with a dashboard to view ongoing development projects in Long Beach. 
  • The Technology & Innovation Department worked on a project to crowdsource resident feedback, which resulted in a contract with Zencity, a data-driven service for City staff to better understand resident sentiment on key policy issues.

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Please contact Estefania Zavala, Digital Innovation Program Manager at estefania.zavala@longbeach.gov with any questions. To stay apprised of Long Beach STIR pilot opportunities, subscribe to notifications here

Long Beach is a What Works City!

Long Beach recently achieved What Works Cities Certification for our exceptional use of data to guide decision-making and improve residents’ lives!

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