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Community Impact

Why LB Co-Lab?  

The Long Beach Collaboratory (LB Co-Lab) is an immersive framework to engage community members in a collaborative engagement and training process to scope, prototype, and implement a civic technology infrastructure solution in four Long Beach neighborhoods, Hamilton, Westside, Ramona Park, and Willmore. The LB Co-Lab strives to ensure proactive community participationin civic decision-making where their input integrated into civic technology solutions. This program prepared and engaged members of the community to ensure emerging technology is an asset and improves their day-to-day lives rather than complicates it. Participants also learned skills in personal and professional development to better navigate our new digital world.

Learn more about the impact of LB Co-Lab by reading this story by Inside LB, the official blog for the City of Long Beach. The story highlights the hard work and dedication of resident participants throughout the program.  

LB Co-Lab Outcomes 


LB Co-Lab Community Stories

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Latest News

The Long Beach Collaboratory has been created to provide a new form of citizen engagement where residents can be chosen to join collaborative teams to identify technology pilot projects for their neighborhoods.

The City of Long Beach is launching its new Smart City Initiative program, the Long Beach Collaboratory (LB Co-Lab) to engage residents with civic technology design and equip them with technology skills to thrive in our "smart" economy. 

"LB Co-Lab is great for getting the community involved and interacting with the government," Doplemore added. "It's great for these four communities to feel like their voice is heard, and have an opportunity to solve a problem in their community."  

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