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What is an Occasional Event Permit?

An Occasional Event Permit, or OEP, is a ONE (1) DAY PERMIT for businesses who do not have an entertainment license to have entertainment on private property.

All events must be FULLY CONTAINED to private property to qualify. Should any of the event affect public property (example: attendees lining up on sidewalk, impacts neighborhood parking, etc), organizer must apply for a Special Event permit.

All OEP permit applicants (including non-profits) and their participating vendors MUST have a business license in good standing to apply.

These applications must be submitted no less than TEN (10) BUSINESS DAYS prior your event to allow time to process your application.

An occasional event permit shall not be issued for any premises or location more than twenty-four (24) times within any twelve (12) month period, and events for which occasional event permits are issued must be at least ten (10) days apart. (See Muni Code 5.72.130)

Due to certain specific circumstances, usually related to alcohol requirements and/or fire codes, the
city Fire Marshall may conduct a Safety Spot Check or city staff may be required to staff your event.

An Occasional Event Permit may be required if you are a Short Term Rental applicant looking to hold an event on property. The purpose of an Occasional Event Permit for Short Term Rentals is to create oversight and ensure the peace of the neighborhood is considered for applicants looking to hold a one (1) day event on property that may exceed occupancy rates.  Short Term Rental Event Application

What is NOT an Occasional Event?

An Occasional Event Permit cannot be issued under the following conditions:

    1. A business that doesn’t have a valid and current business license.
    2. Private residents (includes apartments, townhomes, etc.)
    3. Event is held on city property. These require a Special Event Permit.
      City property includes parks, sidewalks, streets, and all public buildings. 
    4. Certain specific and unique situations may prohibit the issuance of a permit.

An Occasional Event Permit IS required under the following:

    1. Amplified or electronically enhanced entertainment.
    2. Disc Jockeys are considered amplified entertainment.
    3. The presence of three (3) or more entertainers.
    4. Business does not have an entertainment license.
    5. Short Term Rental (STR) Applicant looking to hold an event on property that may exceed occupancy rates.

An Occasional Event Permit may not be required under the following:

    1. Ambient Music is any amplified or acoustic low level background music.
    2. Ambient Music is intended to create an atmosphere and not to entertain.
    3. Disc Jockeys are NOT considered ambient music.
    4. Acoustic Music shall not be amplified or electronically enhanced.
    5. One (1) to two (2) Entertainers only.
    6. Ambient and acoustic music shall not be audible more than ten (10) feet from any portion of the exterior of the premises.



  • $102 | Occasional Event Permit Fee

  • $130 | Fire Safety Officer Spot Check Fee (if deemed necessary)


Business License Icon

All applicants (including non-profits) and participating event vendors must provide a fully processed ACTIVE business license in good standing with the City of Long Beach. Verify your status by looking up your business license on BizMaps.  For more info on being a Special Event Vendor or to obtain a Business License, call Business Licensing at (562) 570-6211. 

Site Map

Everyone must submit a detailed diagram of your proposed set up with dimensions indicating location of entertainment, emergency exit doors, location of alcohol, location of security, etc. Please submit this to SEF-Permits@longbeach.gov with the name of your event in the Subject Line.

If event is being held on property other than your own, we will need proof of permission from property owner and its current occupancy rating.

If your event is serving food of any kind or your venue is not licensed to serve food, you will need a Health Permit.

Please fill out this Organizer Permit Application & TFF Food Permit Application and email to Janice.Garcia@longbeach.gov or go to their Temporary Food Facilities page for more info.

As of December 2021, all retail vendors (including Food Trucks) must have a business license in the City of Long Beach. For more info, please contact Lori Voss in Business Licensing at (562) 570-6222.

If you will be serving alcohol, please call ABC Licensing (562) 982-1337.
*Please make sure the name of your Event is on your ABC application and matches your Event application.

PPO Badge

Security is needed if you are serving alcohol. Please indicate security company,  PPO#, contact information, and where they will be stationed on site map.

charitable soliciation

If you are raising money, please call (562) 570-7219. Does not apply to churches. Charitable Solicitation Permits take 30 days to process and are valid for one (1)  calendar year. If you will be fund raising several times throughout the year, we recommend filing for the permit at the beginning of the year. 


In some cases, signature surveys may be required with an approval rating of 80% of the impacted residents/businesses within a radius of your event venue. Impacted area shall be determined by the Office of Special Events and Filming.

 Application and Forms


+OEP Application for AirBnB/Short Term Rentals ONLY (PDF)
+Community Signature Survey 
+Occasional Event Permit Checklist
+Information on being a Special Event Vendor

Please email Site Plans and PDF Applications to SEF-Permits@longbeach.gov