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What is a Special Event?

A Special Event is any organized event including, but not limited to, large scale events such as races, parades, marathons and sporting events, concerts, fairs, community events, and any organized assembly of seventy-five (75) or more people on any public space, waterway, property, structure, or public right of way, owned or controlled by the City of Long Beach.

A Special Event can be private or open to the public and is held on public property. Planning an event typically requires a significant amount of lead-time. Due to the amount of preparation required for a Special Event Permit, all applications must be received sixty (60) days prior to the scheduled event.

Long Beach Municipal Code | Parades and Special Events
Special Event Terms & Conditions

What is the process of obtaining a permit?

  1. Event operators contact the office Special Events and Filming for date availability.
  2. If date is available, Special Event Application is submitted to staff.
  3. Non-refundable app fee is submitted to Special Events office depending on tier:

    TIER I
    FREE, open to the public, no setup, no alcohol.

    • Example: dance recital with minmal setup or a small wedding ceremony.

    TIER II 
    Open to the public, no ticket for entry, minimum setup or private nonprofit fundraising event.

    • Example: Non-profit walk/run, festivals with free admission.

    Ticketed, extensive setup in venue with controlled access and exclusive use. 

    • Example: Beach concerts, food and beer festivals, large scale events.

  4. Event file is created and assigned to a Special Event Coordinator.
  5. Event Coordinator sends an email to the event operator with checklist of required documents and deadline for submission.
  6. Once all documents are received, depending on size and scope of the event, approvals from City departments involved are needed. (Typically includes but not limited to: Insurance, Site Map, Operational Fire Permit, etc.)
  7. Depending on scope of event, Special Events may require and operations meeting with City departments and event operator.
  8. Staffing is filled if needed (Fire, PD, Public Works, or Special Event)
  9. Estimated fees are sent to event operator.
  10. Permit is submitted for approval to immediate supervisor, followed by final approval by the Manager of Special Events.
  11. Permit Notifications are sent to City departments and depending on locations, notifications are sent to specific notification lists if necessary.
  12. Event Operator pays for permit for estimated fees (cash or check ONLY) via mail or in person.
  13. Once payment is received, permit is sent for signature via DocuSign or in person.
  14. Event operator retains copy of final permit after signature. 

If you are interested in applying for a Special Event, please read the following
Terms & Conditions and accompanying relevant forms and fill out the Special Event Application.