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Cloud Services

The “cloud” simply refers to accessing a service or resource over an Internet connection via a Web browser or app. The idea is not new – cloud-based applications like Yahoo! Mail and Hotmail have been around for over a decade. Due to recent technological advances in such things as connectivity speeds, mobile computing, storage capacity (and the rapidly declining cost of storage), the cloud is becoming a more attractive model for application delivery.

While the idea is not new, the Cloud has matured into an architecture that has much promise as a dynamic computing environment that can offer agile, cost-effective opportunities. Technology experts agree that “The Cloud” of today is a not just a trend, but a movement that is here to stay.

When strategically implemented to provide solutions for some of the City’s IT needs, Cloud-based solutions could satisfy a niche for subscription-based software access and other provisions. The City currently is leveraging a cloud based delivery model for several software applications. These include our email and office productivity tools in the form of Office 365, which was implemented in 2014 to replace the City’s legacy LotusNotes infrastructure.

TI is committed to continuing to explore the potential of the Cloud as a model for software delivery, storage and other infrastructure services, for every new solution developed.