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Planning Land Use & Neighborhood Strategy in Uptown (UPLAN)

The City of Long Beach has an exciting project underway for North Long Beach! The UPLAN is a collaborative effort between the City and the North Long Beach community to come up with laws and policies to guide future development and create a new vision in North Long Beach. The UPLAN intends to bring together and consolidate past planning and visioning efforts for Uptown.

Phase I of UPLAN was completed in Spring 2019 with a set of new zoning recommendations for the Atlantic and Artesia corridors to better support community priorities. Learn more about the adopted UPLAN zoning districts. Phase II is currently underway and will focus on mobility strategies and land use regulations for all of North Long Beach.

+Downoad the map of the proposed zone changes for UPLAN Phase I.

UPLAN Virtual Open House

The UPLAN Virtual Open House is now available for you to explore! Learn about the zoning tools and transportation strategies that have been developed in collaboration with the North Long Beach community. Share with us your opinion on how to meet the community goals and priorities to increase access to housing, jobs, and transportation choices in North Long Beach. Access the open house now at uplanlb.exhibition.app.

Latest News

The UPLAN team is excited to announce two new demonstration projects for North Long Beach at Aguas Way (5248 Long Beach Blvd) and Ramona Park (3301 E. 65th St). Visit the projects to learn more about possible street improvements for North Long Beach.
Make your voice heard and take part in the self-guided virtual walk audits along four major corridors in North Long Beach.
Join the UPLAN team for a series of webinars that will conduct virtual walk audits along major corridors in North Long Beach on June 13 and June 20
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