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In 2017, an advisory group met came together to explore potential goals and strategies to inform the planning process in North Long Beach. The following is a list of goals and strategies developed by the group to help guide UPLAN as it evolves:

 For our Community, by our Community:

⚬ Conduct a planning process grounded in resident engagement and community partnerships, to ensure community-driven decisions, community-supported outcomes, and prioritization of existing Uptown residents.

⚬ Ensure that the diversity of residents who live here can reap the benefits of improvements made in the community by having the opportunity to stay, participate and contribute.

    • Partner with youth and community organizations to engage youth in both developing UPLAN and in terms of addressing their concerns about future employment opportunities and community safety. Youth participation could include opportunities around internships, identifying and celebrating local arts and culture, youth mentorship of younger children, jobs, etc.
    • Facilitate a decision-making process that is culturally and linguistically accessible to community members of all backgrounds, minimizing technical jargon.
  • Celebrate and Showcase Uptown:
    • Support development that creates unique and welcoming gathering spaces, experiences, amenities and goods and services.
    • Encourage a high-quality design aesthetic across commercial corridors including through street furniture, signage and landscaping; allow for uniqueness while tying the community together through a consistent architectural theme or features.
    • Create opportunities to identify, celebrate and showcase artistic, cultural and historic assets, such as through creative or arts-based place making and opportunities for community storytelling.
  • Address Identified Barriers to Investment:
    • Create a density of people and activity sufficient for local businesses to flourish.
    • Make Uptown Long Beach an attractive place to invest for businesses of all sizes.
    • Support community safety and well-being through land use, community building, community design, and by addressing community nuisances.
  • Development that Works for our Health:
    • Design our streets for all ages and abilities, from children to seniors.
    • Make it easier, safer and faster to walk, bike, take buses or trains to local destinations including schools, employers, and open spaces.
    • Recognize and address environmental health concerns such as air quality.
    • Create opportunities for healthy living by increasing access to healthy foods and spaces for physical activity.
    • Transition industrial spaces to cleaner uses that still create jobs and have environmental benefit.

A more detailed description of the initial UPLAN process and findings, can be found at: Roadmap to Success

About the UPLAN Process

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