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Help Clear the Air for #CleanAirDayCA

Published: 10/7/2020

This California Clean Air Day we want to raise awareness of air quality issues in California and encourage everyone to take part in clearing the air. Individuals, businesses, government and nonprofit agencies can all take part in celebrating and take actions to reduce our emissions of harmful pollutants and greenhouse gasses. The City of Long Beach is proud to have its Environmental Services Bureau be on the list of dedicated cities helping create cleaner air in our communities. Learn how Long Beach is participating with all of California to help clean the air and how you can help!

1. Take the Clean Air Day Pledge! everyone can do their part to help clear the air for Clean Air Day! Choose from the many actions you can take like switching to natural cleaners, buying local produce, or planting a home garden or a tree. Find the pledge at www.cleanairday.org/pledge. 

2. Plant something in your garden! The LB Sustainability Edible Garden and Native Plant Workshops can help you get started. Workshops cover topics from edible garden planting basics and growing food from your grocery store produce to native plant propagation and seed saving. Find the latest workshop videos on Facebook and Instagram. 

3. #TreeYourself! Planting trees is one of the most powerful ways to clean our air and help combat greenhouse gas emissions. Trees also add value to homes and make our communities more resilient to things like storms and increased heat. Find resources on how to plant your own tree at www.longbeach.gov/treeyourself. 

4. Take care of your street trees! Join your local neighborhood organization in caring for newly planted street trees. Rose Park and AOC7 neighborhoods are hosting socially distanced tree care events for Clean Air Day. Reach out to your neighborhood organization to find out how you can help in your neighborhood, or just give the street trees near you some much needed water.

5. Share your actions on social media! Use the #CleanAirDayCA and tag @CleanAirDay on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to help spread awareness and encourage your friends and family to take action.

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