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Code Enforcement

Our Code Enforcement staff respond to a variety of complaints of violations of the Long Beach Municipal Code, including substandard buildings, property maintenance, inoperative vehicles, weed abatement, and land use violations.

When violations are identified, the responsible parties are contacted and requested to abate the conditions. Failure to correct violations could result in a citation or a referral to the City Prosecutor's office.

Long Beach is divided into three Code Enforcement areas that are aligned with the existing North, West and East divisions of the Police Department. Each area is assigned a code enforcement team that works with individuals, neighborhood associations, and local business groups to resolve code enforcement issues and maintain the safety and livability of the community.

  • Dead landscaping
  • Deteriorated electrical, exposed wiring and circuit breakers)
  • Deteriorated plumbing (leaking ceiling)
  • Garage accessibility (blocked access by vehicle(s))
  • Garage conversions without permits
  • Major auto repair on residential property
  • Operating an unregistered Short-Term Rental
  • Outside storage or junk, debris, trash in front, side, or rear yards visible from public view or neighboring properties, discarded furniture, and appliances
  • Overflowing trash containers or dumpsters
  • Overgrown vegetation
  • Overheight fence
  • Pest/vermin infestation
  • People living in garages
  • Private trees impeding the public right of way
  • Storage of wrecked, inoperable and/or abandoned vehicles on private property
  • Trash cans stored in public view
  • Unpermitted alterations to a dwelling or structure without permits
  • Unpermitted interior alterations to a dwelling or structure
  • Unpermitted or illegal signs
  • Vehicles parked illegally on private property

Who Do I Call?

Air Quality IssuesAir Quality Issues
Graffiti on BuildingsGraffiti on Buildings
Landlord/Tenant IssuesLandlord/Tenant Issues
Illegal Dumping
option 4
Parking ComplaintsParking Complaints
562.570.2700, option 2
Public Tree IssuesPublic Tree Issues
562.570.2700, option 4

For a complete list of contacts, view our phone directory.

Noise Complaints

For more information, visit Noise Control Program.