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Sorrento Trail Project

Overview: The California Coastal Commission (CCC) directed the City to begin this project. In 2013, the CCC approved a Coastal Development Permit for the Naples Seawalls, Phase One. As part of that projet, the CCC required the City to propose and act upon a local coastal development permit application for the construction of a public walkway along the waterside of Sorrento Drive. You can read Special Condition 14.  


September 29, 2016:

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Online Response Summary

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October 13, 2015: You can view the conceptual design for the Sorrento Trail. We need your feedback to improve this project. Let us know your thoughts! Provide feedback online today. 

September 1, 2015: Read a summary of the community outreach process. You can also read a summary letter from the geotechnical engineers or the full report.

June 22, 2015: Review the results from the community planning process for the Sorrento Trail.