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Citywide Solar

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Additional project updates and information will be published on an on-going basis.

Latest Updates - April 2024

At this time, the Aquarium Garage and Long Beach Utilities remain in construction.

Estimated Project Timeline

*Construction timeline is set barring unforeseen weather changes or other circumstances

Aquarium Garage September 2024
Long Beach Utilities Fall 2024

Project Information

The Citywide Solar Project will see the installation of solar panel canopies in parking lots across 11 different City owned facilities. As part of the City's solar energy Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), the City will allow the vendor Luminace to construct over 6MW of solar power on City property and will purchase all power produced by each facility. The power purchased from this arrangement will offset current utility bills of the local electric utility, which charges a higher rate, resulting in cost savings to the City. The entire list of the 11 sites are as follows:

  1. East Division Police Station
  2. Main Health Department
  3. Fleet Services/Environmental Services Bureau
  4. City Place Lot A
  5. City Place Lot B
  6. City Place Lot C
  7. Pike Parking Garage
  8. Aquarium Parking Garage
  9. Long Beach Utilities
  10. Long Beach Airport Lot A Garage
  11. Long Beach Airport Lot B Garage

Project Goals

This project aims to:

  • Secure reliable green energy for City operations
  • Reduce the City's carbon footprint and reliance on greenhouse gases
  • Reduce utility bills across multiple City facilities and generate cost savings on utility bills

Project Funding

This project uses minimal AB32 Cap-and-Trade funds to support City staff time and inspection services for the project. The vendor, Luminace, assumes all costs to install and maintain the solar panels for the life of the 30-year agreement. Ongoing bills for energy produced by the solar facilities will be paid for with utility bill savings from reduced reliance on SCE.

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