Retrieving Your Vehicle To Find

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Release Requirements:

  • A vehicle must have current registration and provide proof of insurance; if proof of insurance is not available the customer may have the vehicle towed out to be released from the tow yard.
  • The registered or legal owner must present a valid identification.
  • All towing and recovery fees must be paid at the time of release.
  • A valid driver's license must be presented at the tow yard.
  • Impounded vehicles must have a (HOLD) release from the Impounding agency, if needed.
  • The registered or legal owner must present valid identification. No one can claim a vehicle without valid identification such as a driver's license, state identification card, passport or other valid identification. If the vehicle owner has current registration under his or her name but no valid identification, the owner must show another form of acceptable identification. See the list of acceptable Identification.
  • The person driving the vehicle away from the Police Impound Yard must have a valid driver's license in his/her possession and must have it at the time of the vehicle's release.
  • The driver's license of the person who drives the vehicle out of the Police Impound Yard will be recorded and a copy will be kept with the vehicle's release files.
  • If the owner does not have a valid driver's license, he/she can bring another individual who has a valid driver's license in his/her possession to remove the vehicle from the Police Impound Yard. Towing Operations personnel will review the driver's license to verify its validity.
  • Current vehicle registration and insurance are required to obtain the release of an impounded vehicle.
  • If the impounded vehicle needs to have smog certification to complete the registration process, the DMV may issue a "Temporary Moving Permit".  To obtain a "Temporary Moving Permit", the owner must pay all applicable registration fees and a Report of Deposit of Fees (RDF) from the DMV will be issued upon payment of fees.  The RDF cannot be more than 30 days old and must be provided with the “Temporary Moving Permit".  A "Temporary Moving Permit" is valid only for the day or days indicated by the DMV.  The owner must present the RDF and the "Temporary Moving Permit" to obtain the legal removal of the impounded vehicle.  

    A “Trip Permit” from the DMV is not acceptable for the release of an impounded vehicle.