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Pitch Long Beach!


The City of Long Beach is committed to advancing solutions to civic challenges by engaging the community, staff, and private sector to explore and implement emerging technology and innovative approaches to City service delivery. Our vision for a smarter Long Beach is not one that we can achieve alone, and we encourage collaboration and partnerships to design, test, and implement solutions through the Pitch Long Beach! program.

Pitch Long Beach! allows vendors to pitch an idea for a project to the City. The ideas that offer promising solutions to legitimate City needs will be shared with our subject matter experts, evaluated with transparent criteria, and then may be implemented as pilot projects.

Availability & Eligibility:

Companies and entities of all sizes may pitch an idea. Vendors may pitch an idea at any point in time electronically by completing the Pitch Long Beach! Idea Form. The City will accept proposals on an ongoing basis. Additional Information about the City’s financial cycle and budget is available.

Long Beach-based solution providers are especially encouraged to apply.

Application Process:


Initial Submission: Vendors must fully complete the Idea Form. In addition, when submitting the form, applicants commit to the following terms:

  • Participation for the full length of the pilot, if selected.

  • The company must be a legally registered organization.

  • If/when selected, applicant must have a working pilot-ready product ready to be tested at the City and any partner organizations.

  • Your pitch will go through the evaluation process described here and will not necessarily be directly responded to.

City Evaluation: The Smart Cities Program Manager and relevant City stakeholders will evaluate the pitch and then determine whether to move the proposal forward based on level of interest and capacity of City staff.

Expression of Interest Solicitation: If the evaluating committee determines that a pitch aligns with an unmet need and that the necessary conditions are met to support a pilot, in line with the City’s open and competitive procurement policy, the City will issue an Expression of Interest (EOI) to determine whether additional organizations would be interested in the opportunity to provide a similar solution to the identified challenge on a pilot basis, and would be able to meet the needs of the City.

The City will notify the proposer prior to issuing the EOI. The initial proposer is not required to respond to the EOI. The EOI will be open for ten business days.

Selection and Award: The EOI solicitation will result in one of two outcomes:

  1. Option 1 – Competitive Solicitation: If one or more qualified responses are received, the City will issue a formal Request for Proposals (RFP) to competitively award a contract to a pilot solution. RFP proposals will be evaluated and awarded by a Steering Committee. The City is not obliged to award any proposals, if desired.

  2. Option 2 – Sole Source Award: If no qualified responses are received, the City may proceed with a sole source exemption contract award for the initial proposer.

Project Implementation: The City and the selected vendor will agree to a project implementation plan and scope of work. The implementation plan will set clear expectations, a project timeline, KPIs, progress check-ins, a user testing process, and an overall communications plan. Lastly, at a milestone in advance of the pilot end date, the City will evaluate project success based on the agreed-upon KPIs and make a determination about scaling the project.

Submit a Proposal

Pitch an Idea



For any questions about Pitch Long Beach!, you may contact Ryan Kurtzman, Smart Cities Program Manager, City of Long Beach Department of Technology & Innovation, at ryan.kurtzman@longbeach.gov. All pitches MUST be submitted via the Idea Form.

+View a recording of the October 2022 Pitch Long Beach! webinar (Passcode: e?4&G1mk)

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