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Gen AI Guidance

What is a Generative AI Interim Guidance?

Our Generative AI Interim Guidance is a helpful tool to enable the safe and responsible use of Generative AI (Gen AI) systems in the workplace. We encourage City staff to be creative with their use of Gen AI while also refraining from relying heavily on this technology for supporting critical processes.

This is not a policy, nor is this an ordinance; this is a dynamic guide created to empower City staff with the knowledge and confidence to use Gen AI. Lead by example and embrace this Guidance!

+Generative AI Interim Guidance

Why does this matter?

Generative Artificial Intelligence (Gen AI) is a new branch of AI technology that can generate helpful content—such as emails, research summaries, reports, and images — at the request of a user. Gen AI systems have become increasingly popular in all areas of society today and have the potential to support many City operations and services. With that being said, Gen AI also presents risks around AI bias, data privacy, and cybersecurity, highlighting the importance of developing our Guidance. We believe that Gen AI, when used safely and responsibly, can positively impact City services, businesses, and operations.

The eight key Guidelines for City staff are: 

  1. Do not submit any sensitive or private information to a Generative AI platform you wouldn’t want available to the public.
  2. You should create a Generative AI system account just for City usage.
  3. Carefully review, verify, and fact check via multiple sources the content generated by Generative AI.
  4. Please cite or reference when you use Generative AI within your documents and communications.
  5. Please disclose to TID when you use Generative AI.
  6. Please opt out of data collection whenever possible.
  7. City Departments may provide additional rules for their staff around Generative AI.
  8. We encourage you to participate in the City’s established workgroups.

*The image on this page was generated from OpenAI + DALL·E 3. (2024). ChatGPT on January 4, 2024