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Long Beach Launches Improved Digital Rights Platform to Enhance Data Privacy and Digital Rights for Residents 6/4/2024

The City of Long Beach recently launched a new data privacy and digital rights platform as part of its ongoing effort to enhance data privacy, digital rights and transparency. The enhanced digital rights platform, available at longbeach.gov/digitalrights, and accompanying educational signage available at locations throughout the city help further the City's efforts to educate its residents about their digital rights.

Technology and Innovation
The Emerging Use of Generative AI in City Government 4/23/2024 Technology is changing how we navigate our everyday lives. Tools like Generative Artificial Intelligence or Generative AI are becoming more popular among various common job industries like entertainment, education, and even city government. Most people want to live in safe, dynamic, and enjoyable cities. The introduction of modern technology poses the question to government officials, “How do we implement the responsible and ethical use of technology in the city?” 
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Improved Digital Rights Platform Now Live! 3/21/2024

In an ongoing effort to enhance data privacy, digital rights, and transparency, the City of  Long Beach Department of Technology and Innovation partnered with California State University, Long Beach (CSULB), to launch the enhanced Digital Rights Platform. During a series of mobile community workshops (data walks), residents had the opportunity to test the platform's new features and learn about the technologies the City deploys and how it uses the data it collects.

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Long Beach Joins GovAI Coalition for Responsible AI Governance in Local Government 3/13/2024

Long Beach is excited to join the GovAI Coalition, a network of over 400 public servants from over 150 local, county, and state governments committed to responsible and purposeful artificial intelligence (AI) in the public sector. Led by City of San José, the Coalition released an open letter and a toolkit to help public agencies adopt and implement responsible AI practices. 

Civic Engagement - Long Beach
City of Long Beach Named Finalist in International Data Corporation Government Insights’ 7th Annual Smart Cities North America Awards 3/1/2024

Long Beach  is selected as a finalist in the International Data Corporation (IDC) Government Insights’ seventh annual Smart Cities North America Awards for its trailblazing progress in creating and sustaining innovative technology projects in the Civic Engagement category for  LB Co-Lab.

New Community-Driven City Program Helps Participants Learn Technology, Address Neighborhood Challenges 2/21/2024

"LB Co-Lab is great for getting the community involved and interacting with the government," Doplemore added. "It's great for these four communities to feel like their voice is heard, and have an opportunity to solve a problem in their community."  

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Understanding the Tech Equity Gap in Long Beach 1/30/2024

The Technology and Innovation Department in partnership with the UCLA Lewis Center for Regional Policy Studies created a research report, to develop a deeper understanding of the aerospace and technology workforce environment in Long Beach. 

GenAI Guidance Block
City of Long Beach releases Citywide Generative AI Interim Guidance  1/8/2024

The City recognized the opportunity for a responsible approach to using Generative AI by balancing the benefits and mitigating risks like AI bias, privacy, and cybersecurity. Our Guidance aims to address, promote, and enhance the safe and responsible use of Generative AI in Long Beach. 

How Long Beach turns data privacy commitments into action 8/30/2023

Ahead of the Cities Today Institute City Leadership Forum in Long Beach next week, Sarah Wray talks to Lea Eriksen, the city’s technology lead. One of the guiding principles of Long Beach’s Smart City Initiative is to earn public trust in how data and technology are used.

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Smart City Initiative 2023 Annual Report - Community Briefs! 8/10/2023

The 2023 Annual Report Community Briefs are short, simple updates on the 2023 Smart City Initiative's efforts produced in a community-friendly and language-accessible format. Share them with community partners or the public.

Data Walk 1
As US cities seek more data in public, can they win trust in tech? 6/25/2023 Our prototype digital rights platform is featured in a Context story on how city governments are communicating the value of civic technology to their communities. 

"Can transparency make citizens more comfortable with data-gathering in public spaces? A pilot in U.S. cities seeks to find out."
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In Long Beach Smart City Initiative, Residents Can Guide Tech Work 6/8/2023

The Long Beach Collaboratory has been created to provide a new form of citizen engagement where residents can be chosen to join collaborative teams to identify technology pilot projects for their neighborhoods.

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Smart City Initiative 2023 Annual Report 6/1/2023

In Long Beach, we've developed a community-centered suite of programs and projects that places people at the heart of the Smart City Initiative. 

Check out the 2023 Smart Cities Annual Report here to read about our impact over the last year. (Press release)

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Press Release: City Seeks Partners to Support Long Beach Collaboratory Smart City Initiative Program 5/31/2023
The City of Long Beach is seeking to partner with qualified organizations to support the new Smart City Initiative program, the Long Beach Collaboratory (LB Co-Lab), to provide technology solutions that address neighborhood challenges sourced by community participants from four Long Beach neighborhoods.
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City and CSULB Awarded NSF Grant to Protect Resident Privacy 3/20/2023 In partnership with CSULB's Dr. Gwen Shaffer and Dr. Tyler Reeb, the City has been awarded a National Science Foundation Smart and Connected Communities grant. The research team will design and deploy a beta digital rights platform that will feature text and iconography that visually conveys how the City uses specific technologies, what data the devices collect, and how the City utilizes that data.
LB Co-Lab Recognized as Finalist for IDC Smart Cities North America Award 3/19/2023

The Long Beach Collaboratory (LB Co-Lab) technology training program was recognized as a finalist for the IDC Smart Cities North America Awards in the 'Civic Engagement' category. The awards recognize how Long Beach uses tech and innovation to meet the needs of our community. Visit http://bit.ly/3JKtpvn to vote for the LB Co-Lab by March 31!

City Auto Program
City Auto Program Teaches Youth About Safety Innovations & Career Paths 3/1/2023 The City recently held a connected vehicle workshop for Long Beach Polytechnic High School Automotive Pathway students - a result of a partnership established in 2021 between the City of Long Beach Smart City Initiative, Mercedes-Benz, and Xtelligent.
Press Release: City of Long Beach Launches 2023 Smart City Challenge 1/13/2023
The City of Long Beach has launched the 2023 Smart City Challenge. Now in its fourth year, the Challenge seeks to create collaboration between City Departments and the private sector to improve City service delivery through piloting creative solutions addressing key civic issues and needs.
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Blog Post: Long Beach Data Walks 12/1/2022

We conducted a series of Long Beach Data Walks through Downtown to showcase the City's emerging technologies, data privacy policies, and the new Digital Rights Platform! We are now excited to share what we heard from you and other community members! 

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Press Release: City Launches Long Beach Collaboratory Smart City Initiative Program 11/7/2022
The City of Long Beach is launching its new Smart City Initiative program, the Long Beach Collaboratory (LB Co-Lab) to engage residents with civic technology design and equip them with technology skills to thrive in our "smart" economy. 
AR Challenge Announcement
Long Beach Data Walks – Register for a Data Walk Today! 9/20/2022 Join us for a data walk through Downtown Long Beach to learn more about the City’s emerging technologies, data privacy policies, and the new Digital Rights Platform!
+Register today!
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The Long Beach Data Culture 8/30/2022 Demystifying and democratizing data tools is the mission for Adelita Lopez, the technology implementation manager for the Long Beach Recovery Act. 
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Blog Post: Digital Rights Platform 8/29/2022 Learn how two Long Beach Civic Innovation Corps Fellows developed the first version of a Digital Rights Platform that aims to inform the public of the city’s technology deployment and data collection practices/usage.
US Ignite Partnership
Long Beach Partners with US Ignite to Equitably Deploy Broadband 6/28/2022 Long Beach is one of seven communities to partner with US Ignite to identify federal funding opportunities for broadband and smart city projects, assess community network options in underserved neighborhoods, and educate residents.
+Learn more
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Tech Startups! Apply Now to the Long Beach Accelerator's 5th Cohort 6/27/2022 The Long Beach Accelerator has just opened their application cycle for their Winter 2022 Cohort. Apply by the Early Bird Deadline of July 8th for optimal consideration. 
+Learn more and apply here.
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Smart City Initiative Annual Report 4/22/2022

Wondering what the tech our Smart City program is up to? Wait no further and read the newly released Smart Cities Annual Report here! (Press release)

AR Exhibition
Long Beach AR Challenge Receives AR Challenge Receives the IDC Smart Cities Award 4/7/2022 IDC Government Insights named finalists this week in the fifth annual Smart Cities North America Awards (SCNAA) and the Long Beach 2021 AR Challenge was nominated under the Economic Development category. 
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Community Engagement in Smart City Development 3/14/2022 The idea of a “smart city” often feels abstract, with a definition that morphs and stretches depending on who you ask. Our Smart City Initiative featured in a blog post on how to conduct equitable smart city community engagement.
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City Launches Pitch Long Beach! 2/28/2022

The City of Long Beach has launched Pitch Long Beach! – a new program that allows companies to submit project ideas to help improve City services. 

Equitable Data Collection 2.0
Long Beach Launches Equitable Data Collection Toolkit 2/3/2022

The City of Long Beach recently rolled out the Equitable Data Collection Toolkit, a guide for Long Beach City staff to equitably design and distribute surveys. 

Data Takes Center Stage in Long Beach’s Pandemic Push to Help Small Businesses 12/20/2021

Long Beach is one of 33 cities to achieve 2021 What Works Cities Certification, the national standard of excellence for well-managed, data-driven local government.

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Press Release: City of Long Beach Recognized by Bloomberg Philanthropies for Using Data and Evidence to Improve Residents’ Lives 12/15/2021
Long Beach is One of the First 50 U.S. Cities to Achieve What Works Cities Certification.
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City Launches NEW Open Data Portal! 12/3/2021 The City of Long Beach just launched a NEW open data portal, data.longbeach.gov! Head over to check out the latest data trends and findings!
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Traffic signal pilot program uses artificial intelligence to ease pollution, congestion in Long Beach 9/30/2021 City of Long Beach Partners with Mercedes-Benz Research & Development North America and Xtelligent to Revolutionize Urban Mobility through Connected Vehicle Data (Press Release). 
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Trust and Collaboration Kept Cities Afloat During the Pandemic 8/20/2021

How data-driven cities maintained momentum, delivered results, and achieved the What Works Cities Certification.

AR Exhibition
Long Beach AR Challenge Winners Announced 8/9/2021

Congratulations to the winners of the FIRST ever Long Beach AR Challenge!

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How Long Beach is changing the conversation on ‘smart cities’ 7/26/2021 “Our goal is to shift the power dynamic in the smart cities conversation away from technology companies dictating the smart cities vision, to communities and stakeholders dictating that vision to cities and vendors.”
2021 Smart City Challenge Logo
Update on 2021 Smart City Challenge 7/16/2021 The ongoing Smart City Challenge aims to advance solutions to civic challenges by engaging the community, City staff, and the private sector to explore and implement emerging technology.
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Long Beach’s first ever AR Exhibition 7/14/2021 Imagine an art exhibition but instead of walking through a curated collection of art pieces, you walk through the City of Long Beach and your phone is the key to unlocking the exhibits. 
You're Invited: Long Beach Augmented Reality (AR) Exhibition 7/8/2021

Please join us for the first ever Long Beach Augmented Reality (AR) Exhibition in Downtown Long Beach from Sunday, August 8 to Sunday, August 22. 

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Survey Depicts Residents’ Perceptions on Smart Cities and Data Privacy 6/8/2021 To inform the development of the Smart City Initiative, the City conducted an online and paper-based multi-lingual community survey from November 2019 to July 2020.
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Press Release: City of Long Beach Opens Augmented Reality Challenge for Submissions 3/22/2021

Developer community invited to develop AR applications that will help re-activate Downtown Long Beach

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City Council Approves Smart City Initiative and Data Privacy Guidelines 3/10/2021 On Tuesday March 9, the Long Beach City Council voted to approve the City’s Smart City Initiative Strategy and Data Privacy Guidelines.
AR Challenge Announcement
US Ignite Selects Three Cities for Augmented Reality Challenge 2/26/2021 Three cities, including Long Beach, have been awarded $20,000 each by US Ignite to develop augmented reality projects that use AR technology to address city concerns like transportation, education or health care.
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US Ignite, Facebook Reality Labs Announce Long Beach as an AR Developer Challenge Community 1/27/2021 US Ignite, in partnership with Facebook Reality Labs, announces Long Beach as an awardee of $20,000 to host an Augmented Reality (AR) Developer Challenge competition beginning Spring of 2021.
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Community Engagement During COVID-19 9/29/2020 Community engagement can be challenging at the best of times; when communities are reeling from a pandemic, protesting racism, and facing economic uncertainty, engagement and communication are even more crucial — yet even more challenging.
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How Data is Guiding Cities' Digital Census Strategies 6/9/2020 Because of restrictions on in-person outreach due to the COVID-19 virus, the City of Long Beach pivoted to digital-first outreach strategies for the 2020 Census promotion.
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Update on Smart City Initiative 4/15/2020

Staff from the Technology and Innovation Department (TID) are currently developing the Smart City Strategic Initiative in collaboration with key stakeholders in other City Departments.

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Smart City Lessons from 4 Southern California CIOs 2/13/2020 Chief information officers from four Southern California communities offered their experiences rolling out smart city efforts. While some offered an optimistic view, others tempered their comments with caution.
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Mayor: Downtown building boom will continue as Long Beach looks toward new decade 1/14/2020 Mayor Robert Garcia painted a picture of a Long Beach that had grown tremendously during the past decade but still faced challenges as it marches into the new decade.
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What Long Beach Will Look Like In 2030 1/2/2020 At the beginning of a new decade, it seemed fitting to ask Long Beach leaders to stretch their powers of prognostication. So we asked what Long Beach would be like when we enter 2030.
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Smart Cities: Civic Evolution Or Tech Dystopia? 11/4/2019 As the world of smart devices continues to grow, local governments and private companies alike have begun to wonder: how can our cities become “smarter?”
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Mayor and Council Request Smart City Initiative 10/23/2019 Long Beach Mayor and City Council direct City staff to develop a Smart City Initiative.
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STiR Organizers Announce New Tech Sector Challenges 10/15/2019

Municipal needs this time around include calls from one Southern California city for solutions in the areas of housing, city hiring and communication.

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Start-ups reveal 43 tech solutions for government 6/6/2019 A new digital map that shows development in a more open and transparent way for residents, and an automated process for permit applications, are two of the 43 solutions to come out of the fifth Start-up in Residence cohort.
Electric Scooters Roll Into Long Beach 8/17/2018 The City of Long Beach has announced the launch of an electric scooter (e-scooter) pilot program, providing the City’s residents and visitors with even more shared mobility options.