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2023 Cannabis & Health Survey

The Health Department is conducting the annual cannabis & Health Survey and would like to hear from you! The survey should only take 3-5 minutes and all responses are confidential and anonymous.  

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About Us

GreenlightLB combines community education, systems, and behavior change strategies to reduce drug-impaired and distracted driving, implement youth cannabis prevention activities, and ensure adults can make responsible decisions related to cannabis.  

What We Do


GreenlightLB serves those who live, work, and play in Long Beach through being an unbiased and trusted resource for health and safety information related to cannabis, and by ensuring that everyone can make informed decisions about cannabis use.

  • Education: Our team provides in person and virtual workshops that cover a range of cannabis-related topics including impacts on healthy living, consuming legally and responsibly, and how to store safely away from kids and pets.
  • Prevention: Our team has specialized youth programs and workshops to reduce youth access to cannabis, and to train educators and parents on what they need to know about trends in cannabis use.
  • Outreach: Greenlight hosts and participates in many local education activities to engage with Long Beach residents including health fairs and pop-ups.


The Long Beach Health Department wants to ensure all cannabis dispensary staff have accurate information when speaking about cannabis health and safety, both in the store and while out in the larger community.  

The Long Beach Responsible Cannabis Vendor Training was developed to assist licensees in finding appropriate public health and compliance training for staff. It prepares owners, managers, and frontline staff to effectively and safely handle complex situations that may arise while selling cannabis in licensed stores. Register your team for the online course using the Responsible Cannabis Vendor Program Registration Form. 


Driving impaired by any substance—cannabis and medications, whether legal or illegal—is against the law across the nation. Traffic deaths and injuries as a result of impaired driving are preventable and the GreenlightLB works in the Long Beach community to promote the use of transportation alternatives and provide education to remind community members of the importance of not driving impaired. 

  • Educational programs: inform residents about the dangers of driving under the influence of substances other than alcohol, helping shift social norms around drug-impaired driving.
  • Interactive Demonstrations: provide youth and young adults hands-on activities that simulate impairment of reaction time, motor skills, memory, and decision-making abilities and show potential consequences associated with driving or walking under the influence of THC.


Distracted driving has become one of the fastest growing safety issues on the roads today. In fact, it joins alcohol and speeding, as a leading cause of injury and fatal crashes in the United States. 

The GreenlightLB team works to prevent distracted driving by educating residents about its dangers, and partners with community organizations to increase education and awareness tokeep Long Beach Streets safer for everyone.  

  • Outreach & Education: Places a heavy focus on youth and young adult drivers to change behaviors and stay off the phone while driving, as data shows driver distraction is the primary cause of major injury crashes involving teens. 

  • Data Collection: Collected data from the annual RoadwatchLB observations and Distracted Driving Community Survey informs the Long Beach Vision Zero initiative and is shared with local and statewide partners with the goal of increasing awareness in our community and developing strategies to make our roads safer for everyone.  

Greenlight offers a free train-the-trainer course that addresses critical traffic safety issues. This course models curriculum delivery and reviews program implementation. Sign-up here

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