I Choose To Reuse

Bring Your Own #BYOLBC

We all make choices. What we eat. Where we go for a drink. Every place we go, single-use disposables in the form of cups, straws, bags, and to-go containers are there. They’re quick. They’re easy. They’re everywhere.

While many of these items may be convenient, they’re not the best option—not for you, not for our city, and not for the planet.

It’s time to choose to reuse! It’s time for change.

The City of Long Beach is encouraging everyone to “bring your own” containers and reduce the use of single-use disposables. By bringing your own to-go containers, cups, straws, and tote bags, we can all take small steps and make big strides. A simple wash and they’re good to use again. It’s time to think beyond the trash can and choose to reuse. 




You’ll save money.

Most coffee shops now give at least 10 cents and up to 50 cents off your purchase if you bring your own reusable cup. This can add up to hundreds of dollars in savings each year. 


You’ll protect your health.

By drinking beverages out of a reusable cup or eating leftovers from a reusable container, you can avoid contact with disposable plastics, such as Expanded Polystyrene (commonly called Styrofoam). The National Institute of Health states that Expanded Polystyrene is a “reasonably anticipated human carcinogen.” 


You’ll help our environment, our beaches, and our city.

Contrary to popular belief, most paper-based disposable products can’t be recycled because they’re coated to prevent leaking. Using reusable containers eliminates waste.

5 Ways You Can Choose To Reuse

How to “Bring Your Own” and Make It Work for You

Okay, you’re ready to reduce waste, help keep the community clean and stop using single-use disposables but you aren’t sure where to begin or how to do the right thing? Consider these tips.


1. Bring your own to-go containers.

When dining out, bring your own reusable container for your leftovers. You will avoid food waste and packaging waste.

2. Grab a reusable cup, mug, and water bottle.

Ditch single-use disposable beverage containers. You’ll help the environment and save money.

3. Switch to reusable straws.

By using reusable straws, you’ll reduce one of the most common items found on our beaches and oceans.

4. Keep utensils on hand.

Keep a set of silverware with you so you can avoid the need for single-use disposable ware, reducing waste in our city.

5. Bring a reusable bag.

Bringing a reusable bag saves you from purchasing bags and will cut down on single-use bags. 


What is the City doing to reduce single-use disposables?

Expanded Polystyrene Ordinance

On May 4, 2018, Mayor Garcia signed into law an ordinance that adds a chapter (8.63) to the municipal code of Long Beach, which prohibits the use of single-use food and beverage containers made of expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam, rigid polystyrene #6, and non-recyclable and non-compostable material for prepared food distribution. Learn more information about the Expanded Polystyrene Ordinance

Learn more local Laws and Ordinances about the environment and waste handling in the City of Long Beach.