Community Development

Residential Development Standards

In addition to building, plumbing, mechanical and electrical codes, the City of Long Beach has adopted zoning regulations. These standards generally regulate areas of "compatibility" and aesthetics such as minimum building setbacks, maximum building height and maximum number of dwelling units per lot.

The City is divided into zoning "districts", each of which has a specific set of development standards. The residential districts begin with the "R" prefix such as the "R-1-N" (single-family residential), "R-2-N" (two-family residential) or "R-4-N" (multi-family residential) districts. Check the Zoning Map to determine which zoning district is applicable.

If you have detailed questions, zoning information may be obtained in person at the Development Permit Center or by calling 562.570.6194. You may also refer to the following tables of the Long Beach Municipal Code: