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Regular School (LBUSD) Year Hours

Monday - Friday:
Senior Program (55+ years old), 9am-2pm
After School Program (5-12 years old), 3-6pm
Teen Program (13-18 years old), 3pm -7pm
Gymnasium w/Weight Room (M-F), 5pm -8pm
Youth Sports (5-14 years old) - call for practice/game days & times.

Saturday & Sunday: Closed

Programs include: Senior floral arrangement classes, senior exercise, senior day trips, after school homework help, after school games/competitions (video, boards, pool/ping pong/foosball/air hockey tables, dodge/tape ball, sports, etc), after school crafts, teen homework help, games/competitions, gymnasium basketball/volleyball pick-up games and weight training. Youth Sports offer girls & boys flag football, volleyball, basketball and indoor soccer.

Park Picnic and Open Space Area Rules
Please observe the following rules and regulations for the use of Long Beach park picnic and open space areas at www.longbeach.gov/globalassets/park/media-library/documents/park-and-facilities/facility-reservations/reservation-forms/picrules.

Winter, Spring and Summer Hours

Monday - Friday:

Senior Program (55+ years old), 9am-2pm

Summer Day Camp (5-12 years old custodial care), 9am-4pm with 7-9am & 4-6pm Extended Day Service

Fun Days Program (5-12 years old), 12-5pm
Teen Summer Program (13-18 years old), 12-6pm
Summer Feeding Program (1 - 18 years old), 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. - Free

The park’s weight room is currently closed due to current Department operational guidelines.

Summer Tee Ball (5-8 years old) call for practice/game days & times.

Programs include the same as above with the summer additions of senior trips, teen trips, day camp & fun day weekly trips. Summer Day Camp weekly costs are from $40 to $105 with Extended Day Service costing $25 a week per session (7-9 am & 4-6 pm).

*$115 with optional extended day services costing $35 a week per session (7-9 am & 4-6 pm), financial assistant available


This park is located at 32nd Street and Santa Fe Avenue. It was purchased from the Moulton Estate in February of 1925. One of the oldest pioneer social centers, the Wesley True Moulton home was removed from the park in 1960, when the park was redeveloped. In the early 1930s an old converted barn served as the park's first clubhouse. The present clubhouse was started in 1936 and was completed in 1938. This building contained an auditorium with a stage, basement playroom beneath the stage, a kitchen, card room, checking room, and restrooms.


One of the more intensively active recreational parks in the City, it contains a swimming pool (added in 1961), and a gymnasium building (added in 1980). The pool was enclosed about 1968 and was renovated in 2007 with funding from the 2000 and 2002 state Park Bond Acts and the federal Urban Park and Recreation Recovery (UPARR) program. The resolved safety, disabled access, and maintenance issues, and will created a new aquatic facility to offer recreational swimming, swim lessons, and programs for youth, teens, senior citizens and the disabled.

The gymnasium was renovated in 2004 with a new wooden floor with funding from the 2000 state Parks Bond Act. The park's non-building improvements include two softball fields, two baseball fields (one lighted), one lighted overlay soccer field, two basketball courts, four tennis courts, a mini skate park, a roller hockey court, a volleyball court, a playground and picnic areas.

The playground was renovated in 1994 with funding from the Los Angeles County Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond Act of 1992 and in 2003 with funding from the state Parks Bond Act of 2000. The sport field lighting was renovated in 1996 with funding from the Los Angeles County Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond Act of 1992.

Improvements to the lighted baseball field were completed in 2000 with funding from Darren Erstad through Angels Care. The field was named Darin Erstad Field in honor of his donation. Improvements to the tennis and basketball courts lighting and fencing is expected in 2009 with funding from the State Parks bond Act of 2002.


Baseball Fields, Basketball Court, Community Center, Gym, Picnic Areas, Playground, Swimming Pool, Softball Field, Tennis Courts, Volleyball, Restrooms, Tiny Tots, Child Care, Youth Recreation, Teen Center, Senior Center. A sidewalk mile marker is in place for the walking and running public.

Martial Artists:

Silverado has a Wing Chun dummy for your practice time during their normal business hours.  Call for information prior to your visit.

Map to the Park